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KerberosSDR • Re: moRFeus and KerberosSDR

We haven't got so far as to test up/down converters, but each converter would need to be connected to the same clock source to have a chance at working. (Doesn't need to be the same clock as the KerberosSDR)

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Вопрос: что это за сигнал? пики большие из-за выкрученного почти на максимум…


VID_20190401_234539.mp4 (00:00:09)

Вопрос: что это за сигнал? пики большие из-за выкрученного почти на максимум усиления.

Ответ от редакции: это не сигнал, то, что вы видите - результат нелинейного преобразования и обогащения спектрального состава исходного сигнала в вашем приёмном тракте, либо самовозбуждение МШУ.

Selling my GSG HackRF One with Nooelec metal case

Hey all, I have a Great Scott Gadgets HackRF ONE with NOOELEC extruded aluminum enclosure I'm selling.

Works great, I just don't use it anymore. Been sitting on the shelf for months since its last use.

Asking $150 shipped US. Overseas may cost a little additional for shipping.

I also have a lot of ham gear I'm going to sell as well. Flex SDR-1000 with accesories, Healthkit SB-200 HF amplifier (modified to use GI7BT ceramic tubes - includes extra set), lots of other stuff.

Too much else going on right now to mess with all this.


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Trying to modernize my local EMS with SDR (xposted to /r/sdr)

Hello friends in SDR land!

A little background: I am a programmer/network admin that fell down the SDR rabbit-hole in the most random of ways, I clicked reddit.com/r/random, and it took me to r/rtlsdr, and the rest is history. I bought a dongle, then a hackrf, now I am trying to kick it up a notch.

See, once I got into radios, I started volunteering for my local municipality helping to test and maintain our amateur radio network. Essentially, if our normal EMS services are disrupted, we strive to provide data and voice communication with a separate system maintained my amateur radio volunteers.

As such, you can probably imaging the hodge-podge of donated equipment and work-hours we get from well-meaning amateurs, and the struggle we face trying to keep a working, reliable network with donated analog radios.

Now, I love our volunteers, many of them are hammers that have forgotten more about radio than I will ever learn. However, I struggle to communicate how SDR will and has changed everything in the radio world, and how embracing SDR will keep our efforts relevant and state of the art.

To that end, I have begun assembling the pieces to a powerful radio rig that I will donate to our municipality, once I have it working. ;-)

I bought and old proliant enterprise server with dual Xeon 3.6Ghz chips (8 cores), and 196 Gigs of RAM. It has a high quality PCIe interface, and my plan is to install an XTRX, or Lime PCIe into the server, then chop up the resulting data stream into various radio applications (vhf, uhf, dstar, packet, etc.) and send those data streams to various VM's for processing and transcoding, then finally to a web interface, allowing multiple users to use the SDR at one time. Wide sample bandwidth is essential for this, hence the PCIe interface.

I should be able to run the VM's all on the same server, but maybe not, I guess we will see.

I am posting to collect people's ideas, criticisms, and procurement skills to choose and aquire an SDR for the server. Has anyone actually installed an XTRX in this way? Has anyone used the LimeSDR PCIe version? Is this a terrible idea? Is it awesome? I know there will be latency issues, but maybe not as much as I think? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, even if the server was used as a broadcasting device primarily (as opposed to conversation-based communication) this would also be very useful in a disaster scenario.

I haven't seen much usage videos on youtube, or first-hand stories of using these devices in this way, so I am all ears. What does this community think?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!

The Radios:



The Server:


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My today’s capture. Hope for another two or three tomorrow!

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Early Release: DSDPlus Fastlane (Priority and Group Calling)

Early Release: DSDPlus Fastlane (Priority and Group Calling) submitted by /u/Corrosive_One
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Morse Code On Shortwave BroadCast Rtl Sdr Dongle

Morse Code On Shortwave BroadCast Rtl Sdr Dongle submitted by /u/Kourosh07
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NOAA-18 над СПБ 8:42 приём на Baofeng UV-82…

NOAA-18 над СПБ 8:42 приём на Baofeng UV-82

Comment on Othernet Dreamcatcher On Sale for Only $49 by Roy

It shipped!

Anybody get some wierd static this morning?

Anybody get some wierd static this morning?

Anybody get any weird static on this morning's Meteor Pass, Picture is clean, data is good, but I can't figure out the source of the static. And I keep hearing a rumble in the distance...

April Fools Everyone!

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