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rtl-sdrv3 + Spyverter Or RSP1A?

What would you recommend?

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User Projects • GNU Radio NOAAs recorder

Ok, so I want to make an automated recorder for noaas and meteor m2 satellites.
For the start the idal is to have a scketch with the rtlsdr center frenquecy in the middle of the 3 sats(noaa15 noaa18 noaa19) and separate to two audio stream that I can use to record with an another scketch our preferably ffmpeg (or equivalent) for further prossesing.

The problem is taht I search a long way to have multiples vfos from one complex in gnu radio but no luck anyone could help ?

Statistics: Posted by TurtleForGaming — Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:22 pm

This is weird..

This is weird..

So I bought myself a DVB-T FM blue dongle from Aliexpess quite a while ago. All fun and well and I've been playing around with it until I remembered an oldschool trick my father once taught me (keep in mind, I am a total radio n00b).

The trick was basically to connect a thin long wire (around 1.2m) from the antenna to the curtain hanger and connect it to the bare metal of the hanger. This trick works well in AM and FM, as always. Basically what I did was to turn open the antenna from its socket, add the wire, then close it so the wire is connected to the antenna.

But suddenly I can also go to 0MHz up to 9,8GZh in GQRX. Is this because of the antenna/wire/curtain hanger or a mistake in the software? Or a combination? Though I guess somewhat useless, as you can see on the screenshots below, I still see some activity here and there.

Originally it started at 27MZh up to 1.7GHz... hence I find it weird.



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What can I do with an old DirectTV satellite dish?

I bought a house that has an old DirectTV satellite dish mounted to the roof which isn't being used. I haven't measured it but it looks like its maybe 2 feet across. Looks like a standard dish, kind of oblong, not circular. Any suggestions as to what I could do with it? I thought maybe it could be used for some radio astronomy related project but I'm not sure. Has anyone done anything cool with an old satellite tv dish?

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Release SDRuno v1.3

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Velocity factor question — CoCo antenna.

So.. I have a question about velocity factor length correction when building a CoCo antenna.

I am replacing the coax shield with brass tube.

Given the exposed brass is the only bit exposed to signal, (the core is always inside the brass) would i be using the vf of the brass or the vf coax rating for the core. (0.96 roughly for brass or 0.84 (coax rating)).

I am guessing inserting the insulation with core conducter into the brass tube will impact the vf of the brass.

Please help.

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Found this signal in the LF band. It looks like morse code. Any way to decode this?

Found this signal in the LF band. It looks like morse code. Any way to decode this? submitted by /u/melvin2204
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This a bad idea

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Comment on Buy RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) by ace attestaion

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12 Hour Radio Heatmap

12 Hour Radio Heatmap submitted by /u/Foxular
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