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Troubleshooting Help • RTL-SDR V3 Deaf

Well after three hours of rifling the settings menu the device remains DEAF there are plenty of signals to be seen in the WF and tuning displays but no audio other than a static hiss.The audio settings in the audio drop down are grayed out and set to microsoft audio codec; they need to be changed to the rtl sdr for the input and realtek HD audio for the output I think. Also the RF gain is grayed out tried enabling /un enabling both AGC tabs no luck there either. Computer is an ACER V3-331 with 18Gb memory, 1.7Ghz pentium 3556U, and OS Win 10 Home.Thanks in advance .73

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This is why you’re getting bad NOAA images.

This is why you're getting bad NOAA images.

Your SDR is deaf.

I'm new to SDRs. I was amazed at how sensitive it was to broadcast FM stations. I live in a brick house where only very good FM stations can be heard. Outside, of course, it's a different story. But with the SDR (a $40! piece of junk bought from Aliexpress), I was getting fantastic sound.

This is a great start, I thought. But the romance was over as soon as I hooked up an antenna and waited for the NOAA sat to pass by. Time after time, I got horrible, noisy pictures. Even at 89 degree passes.

I was told to use a LNA. I refused. I read way too many success stories of people receiving NOAA even near windows. So I kept trying. Built a different antenna. Tried max gain, AGC, everything. I got some better reception, but nowhere near as good as everyone else. I thought at that point using an LNA was just polishing a t***.


So I measured the sensitivity on the SDR. And the result was disappointing. At -107dBm the signal was only starting to be audible above all noise. At -97 it was readable, but covered in noise. Only at -87dBm, with the tuner gain set to max, the SDR was able to get clear audio, enough to get clear images.

As a comparison, at -97, a DIY analog, superheterodyne receiver was "loud and clear". The SDR needed at least 10dB more to get the same performance.

-87dBm is a long way of what you're going to get from satellites even with the best antennas you can build. The sensitivity in those radios is just crap.


You will need a bandpass filter (to leave only the 137mhz band. A FM bandstop will work, but a satellite bandpass will be better), and a LNA. One with a better than 2dB noise figure. Mine is on its way. I will report again when I receive it.

Some photos of the test:

Barely audible signal at max gain, -107dBm input.

10khz tone, FM, 100mhz injected at -107dBm

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как убрать шум из эфира ? чтоб слушно было только когда говорят….

как убрать шум из эфира ? чтоб слушно было только когда говорят.

УВЧ сатком с RTL SDR 253,850 МГц

УВЧ сатком с RTL SDR 253,850 МГц submitted by /u/Kourosh07
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Aircraft Tracking via ADS B with DVB DAB RTL2832 RTL SDR

Aircraft Tracking via ADS B with DVB DAB RTL2832 RTL SDR submitted by /u/Kourosh07
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APCO P25Захотелось послушать. Долго перетирал настройки костылей для SDR#, но не…

Захотелось послушать. Долго перетирал настройки костылей для SDR#, но не взлетело, подозреваю из-за того, что плагин DSD для шарпа у меня не той версии, но опять ставить дважды удаленный виртуальный кабель нет никакого желания. Удалось вполне и с хорошим результатом использовать связку DSD+ и FMP, работает как часы, никаких костылей вроде виртуального кабеля, но следить за эфиром сложновато - приходится ручками перепрыгивать с канала на канал.
Есть еще https://github.com/DSheirer/sdrtrunk , но с ним тоже есть проблемы, в данный момент не решабельные.
Может есть еще варианты, кроме вышеперечисленных, послушать P25?

FM transmitter module wireless microphone

FM transmitter module wireless microphone

Hello everyone sorry for bad english I have this module. I use my SDR to tune it and i tune ro 102.6 mhz

I use antenna 70.5cm long. But I cant hear abslolutly nothing on more than 10meters ( no wall, no windows...)

Can someone who had exprience with this on have idea to help to imporeve the signal and the work distance.


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analyze uhf satcom transponder with rtl sdr 12 01 UTC 31 March 2019 PART 1

analyze uhf satcom transponder with rtl sdr 12 01 UTC 31 March 2019 PART 1 submitted by /u/Kourosh07
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First good NOAA image

First good NOAA image submitted by /u/GreenMateV3
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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Is my RTL-SDR working ?

For shits and giggles turn your gaines to about 39 each.

Statistics: Posted by Corrosive — Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:29 pm

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