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Well, finally some time this afternoon for a couple of more experiments with my NooElec SDR dongle….

Well, finally some time this afternoon for a couple of more experiments with my NooElec SDR dongle. Moved it from my laptop in the kitchen to my ham shack to my older Windows 7 machine. Works fine, and also works nicely on a POWERED USB2 hub. For an antenna, I have it patched into my Arrow stub tuned VHF/UHF J pole that I use for 2 meter and 70 cm ham work. MUCH better FM broadcast performance, and also I can easily pick up the AM aircraft traffic from Salisbury, MD airport, which is about 15 miles south and west of me. Didn't have much time to do any other prowling around, but could see a couple of the local amateur 2 meter repeaters key up. Definitely, a good antenna is important.

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Comment on New TETRA Trunk Tracker for use with SDR# and the TETRA Demodulator Plugin by Anonymous

SDRSharp TETRA demod plug-in crash investigations

An item with the same key has already been added.
at mscorlib.dll.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException (IL offset: 0x10)
at mscorlib.dll.Dictionary`2.Insert (IL offset: 0x81)
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.MM_protocol.ParseMMPDU (IL offset: 0x219)
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.SduParser.Parse (IL offset: 0x67)
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.PduParser.ResourcePDU (IL offset: 0xe6)
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.PduParser.ParsePDU (IL offset: 0x55)
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.TetraDecoder.Process (IL offset: 0x698)
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.TetraPanel.DecodingThread (IL offset: 0x98)
at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context (IL offset: 0x14)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.RunInternal (IL offset: 0x79)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x0)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x2b)
at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart (IL offset: 0x8)

SDR# v1.0.0.1700, RTL-SDR, TETRA demodulator plug-in (hotfix #6), Windows 10 Home (64-bit) version 1809 (OS build 17763.316), .NET Framework version 461814 (On all other OS versions, including Windows 10 October 2018 Update: 461814)

I started TETRA demod plug-in (config: increase PDU element verbosity checked, other options unchecked) and started baseband recording (RTL-SDR 0.25 MSPS, 8 bit PCM) and opened network info window. I also started logging call tab PDU text box to file (by using screen scraping utility which I coded with C#). When SDR# crashed it still was able to close the wav file correctly. I replayed the IQ file in SDR# and it also caused program crash. I opened log file and last line was (also when crash happens the last line seen in PDU textbox was the same as in log file):

PDU encrypted:2 Data incorrect! Carrier:x TimeSlot:xx SSI:x D_Facility

I did some experiments without IQ recording (with call tab textbox logging) and when crash happened, the last line in the log file was: ….. D_Facility

What’s wrong with MMSSTV? QSSTV decoded it fine, with color (image from ISS)

What's wrong with MMSSTV? QSSTV decoded it fine, with color (image from ISS) submitted by /u/derekcz
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Chromebooks and rtl-sdr.

Looking for some guides on running rtl-sdr's on Chromebook using SDRTOUCH/ SDRSHARP. Is this simple to setup? Does anyone on this sub run such a configuration? I am looking for some help. Thanks

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Troubleshooting Help • Tuner frequency incorrect with rtl_fm command


I have a raspberry pi setup with two dongles (1 for ADS-B and 1 for regular SDR use).
Until today, when I wanted to listen to a certain frequency (FM or AM mainly) I used the command line over SSH to start the device using the rtl_tcp command.

Instead of needing a device to decode the stream, I would rather like the pi to send audio over the network and only use the command line to change parameters.
I followed this guide to do that: https://medium.com/@luigifcruz/listenin ... 49c5abe878

I noticed that when using the rtl_fm command it does not tune the device as well as the rtl_tcp command. There is a serious frequency deviation (more than commanded), while the tcp command is spot on.
What is going wrong?

Best regards

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LNAs and Filters

Hey everyone!

I’m looking into getting some bandpass filters and an LNA. The reason I’m doing it like this (the post) is to help others that might be in a predicament about them. Now on to the first one, the LNAs:

I’m looking at getting an LNA for my area to bump up the weaker signals in my area. Which LNA would you recommend? I’m open to all suggestions, but to say the least, I’m leaning towards the ones from the RTLSDR Blog store, with Bias-T already implemented. The one reason why I’m a bit iffy though, is that I kinda don’t wanna get a 1:9 balun for AM frequencies since the other major filter out there does support AM bands given it starts at 0.1mhz. Which LNA would you generally recommend, if someone doesn’t mind soldering.

And with Filters, what filters do you generally consider to be a must have?

  • Thank you.
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Troubleshooting Help • Re: wideband LNA made by RTL-SDR

Thank you moderator .
The problem is not turning on the bias T , it's that it's not turning off . Even without the HDSDR software not being loaded in the computer it's on . I think the logic chip that controls the bias T is fried . Well I guess that it's time to buy a new V3 dongle .

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User Projects • Re: Potting ADS-B LNA


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Indoor dipole working wonders!

Got this capture early this morning after days of fiddling around.


This is the dipole i made from coax centre core with the plastic shielding on.


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Hi. Киньте в меня плагинами для шарпа для декодирования телеграфа и цифры на КВ…

Hi. Киньте в меня плагинами для шарпа для декодирования телеграфа и цифры на КВ
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