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Will adding ferrite beads help in this situation?

Without USB 2.0 cable. With USB 2.0 cable. Also, the USB cable is modified to provide external power from a powerbank, which also adds noise to this signal. The noise is so overwhelming that I can't even listen to FM stations. Will adding a ferrite bead on the USB cable help?

Is this also a ferrite core? Found on he v dipole from rtl-sdr.com.

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Propaganda music from Nort Korean KMS-4 & KMS 3-2

Does anyone know if the North Korean Kwangmyŏngsŏng 4 & 3-2 actually transmit? According to n2yo they contain a transmitter for 450MHz and transmit patriotic songs. However, when I search on the internet for a signal, many people say that they couldn't find any. I would want to go spotting, but the weather for the next 3-4 days is too bad for my antenna. I also couldn't find anything on WMO OSCAR about the KMS satellites. Also, the KMS 3-2 unstable in orbit and nobody ever received a signal from it. I read somewhere that they only transmit when in contact with a North Korean ground station. I assume that nobody in this sub lives near North Korea, but i might be wrong. Anyway, if someone ever received a signal and could tell me, that would be awesome.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Long USB-cable vs long antenna-cable?

You can spend big bucks on fancy coax with N connectors and all that. The only real advantage over an rtl_tcp setup is that the coax tolerates temperature extremes better, like in a attic or outdoors. RG-6 isn't bad and its usage in TV has brought the price way down. Don't worry about the 75 vs 50 ohm difference. Probably a mixture is the answer, run coax to where the temperatures are reasonable, stick a Raspberry Pi there to run rtl_tcp on, then network wire to where you're going to run it from. You'll need to reboot the Pi from time to time anyway so you don't want it on the roof. Hdsdr (for one) can work fine over a TCP connection with the antenna/Pi up to 100 meters away. And network wire is cheaper than coax.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: rtl_fm for broadcast am radio

Aside from the man page, also try
rtl-fm --help
which just triggers the usage instructions you get because it didn't understand what you were trying to do.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Long USB-cable vs long antenna-cable?

See http://kmkeen.com/rtl-demod-guide/2013- ... 7-499.html for some other ideas. You can use rtl_tcp and feed a TCP/IP signal into a (computer) network connection then somewhere up to 300 meters away have something like Hdsdr running which can use that TCP connection. Use something like a Raspberry Pi (maybe even a Zero) at the dongle end.

For just listening (no controls) you can stream mp3 audio (copied from that page):

On the dongle side:
rtl_fm ..... | sox -traw -r24k -es -b16 -c1 -V1 - -tmp3 - | socat -u - TCP-LISTEN:8080

On the loudspeaker side:
netcat don.gle.ip.adr 8080 | play -t mp3 -

I've done that and it does work. Using rtl_tcp remotely feeding to a full-fledged SDR program locally is nicer. The trouble is attics get too hot to put a Pi in, maybe something like a plastic or metal container mounted outdoors at the antenna.. The control over rtl_tcp is reasonably complete, letting you change frequencies and about anything else. Network wire is fairly cheap and you can use up to 300 meters in a run.

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Help with NOAA satellite reception

I am using a J-Pole, a Nooelec NESDR mini and the OS I am using is Raspbian as my setup for satellite reception. I have set everything up using a guide and it seems to be functioning fine but I'm not capturing anything from the satellites. I suspect that I have my location entered improperly in the .wxtoimgsrc file. I have it entered like this:

Latitude: 47.3188

Longitude: -119.5511

Altitude: 403

Now I've tried making the Longitude positive like one guide showed... and when I do that I get a map outline only but no satellite view of the wrong location. If I have it entered as you see above I get a black image only. I can 'hear' the satellites if I monitor the frequencies for NOAA 15,18 and 19 so I suspect there is an issue with my .wxtoimgsrc file and it's setting the timer wrong for capture. Anyone have any thoughts on what I should change or check next?

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Comment on Using Two PlutoSDR’s for Full Duplex Packet Radio Communications by Am

I’ve been doing amateur full-duplex TCP/IP and UDP networking with Pluto devices since last summer. Transfer speeds over the air usually between 150 and 180 kbits/sec.

I want YOU to join the #redditnet Flight Crew! Tracking planes via ADS-B? Help us achieve world domination! [Xpost from /r/amateurradio]

I want YOU to join the #redditnet Flight Crew! Tracking planes via ADS-B? Help us achieve world domination! [Xpost from /r/amateurradio] submitted by /u/carter
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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: V3 dongle from Amazon

Hi Moderate from the rtlsdrblog.

I went to the RTL-SDR store and clicked on your store and clicked on Amazon .

Below is a cope of the sale slip that was emailed to me from Amazon . The Dongle come from you people .



Order Confirmation

Hello Robert Symanek,

Thank you for shopping with us. You ordered "RTL-SDR Blog R820T2..." . We’ll send a confirmation when your item ships.


Order #112-1346921-1611410

Monday, February 25

Your Orders

Ship to:
Robert C Symanek
1919 Crown Pointe Blvd...

Total Before Tax:
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We hope to see you again soon.

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The payment for your invoice is processed by Amazon Payments, Inc. P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, Washington 98108-1226. If you need more information, please contact (866) 216-1075

By placing your order, you agree to Amazon.com’s Privacy Notice and Conditions of Use. Unless otherwise noted, items sold by Amazon.com are subject to sales tax in select states in accordance with the applicable laws of that state. If your order contains one or more items from a seller other than Amazon.com, it may be subject to state and local sales tax, depending upon the seller's business policies and the location of their operations. Learn more about tax and seller information.

This email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.

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Off-Topic • Re: SDR Heat Management

rtlsdrblog wrote:
Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:19 pm
In very hot environments, air flow over the metal enclosure is really all you need. And ideally keeping it out of the direct sun.
Okay, thanks a lot! It's fortunately simpler than I thought.

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