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Corner antenna/yagi construction suggestion?

I want to replace my actual DIY yagi with a corner/yagi for a few reasons. One is that the system I'm interessed into is at about 160° from a major tower, with high power transmitters, and that I can make a better one, which mean less needed gain and less noise...

The target system is 851-868MHz unencrypted P25, need 2 dongles to listen to it (it's like 2 sets of frequency), and monitored via unitrunker.

I couln't find much info on a corner antenna with yagi like this one. All I find is how to make a standard corner antenna or a standard yagi.

Is it as simple as making a standard yagi, skip the rear reflector element and put the corner reflector and align so the driven element at the same place that it would be?

Is there any signal gain with this? Or just a better rear rejection?

What about the elements material? I have some tig steel rods (plated with a copper looking layer, easy to solder). Would aluminium be better? What about copper? (Actual is the tig rods, 2.4mm, improvement would be copper wire 2.6mm / #10)

As for the elements diameter, Is there any difference between let's say 2-6mm? What would be optimal?

The boom material would be fiberglass (found in the fence section, for chain links 'stopper' at each ends so it connect to the pole).

The driven element would be a dipole or folded dipole. Is it worth to make the folded dipole? What should be the radius?

I currently used vk5dj's yagi calculator windows program, I aim for one fiberglass length (about 13 elements) for the yagi part. The calculator have no real suggestion for the folded dipole bend radius/diameter and gap, while another one give it, but the dimensions vary ALOT, so I don't know which one is right...

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VB Audio Cable

Is it possible to be able to play sounds through your mic, like off of FL Studio and be able to talk through your mic at the same time, i swear i have done this before but now i cannot figure out how to route everything in my Sound in Windows? Help?

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Приветствую,кто-нибудь пользовался такой консолью?как её заставить работать ниже 26мгц?свисток ртл-сдр v3….

Приветствую,кто-нибудь пользовался такой консолью?как её заставить работать ниже 26мгц?свисток ртл-сдр v3.

Comment on Creating a Standalone WSPR Receiver with an RTL-SDR V3 and Raspberry Pi 3 by Mike

People usually use “SWL” plus whatever they want, like a 2-letter country code, plus maybe some number. The important part is the QTH locator, to correctly show the receiving station on the map.

User Projects • Newbie question on demodulation

So given that I understand enough to configure a RTL-SDR and I start getting samples over USB, are there a set of libraries to demodulate given types of modulation like BPSK, GSM, etc.?

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Signal Identification Help • UHF Military Wide-Band Signal Identification

It's tough trying to find any information on this wide-band signal on the UHF military band. Any idea's what it could be ?. Link below.

Military Wide-Band Signal.PNG

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Helix focal point

I'm in the process of attempting to build a dish antenna for the GOES satellites. I have a 1.2 M dish and I'm in the process of creating a 6 turn helix for the feed. My question is, when I go to mount the helix, what part should be at the focal point? Reflector plate, last turn or middle of the turns?

Thanks in advance.

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Comment on Getting the RTL-SDR to work in Windows 10 by DanM

Worked for me too

Привет всем! Не могу почему-то зайти на сайт Василия, чтобы скачать плагины для SDRSharp… Не вкурсе что это??? У всех так??? …

Привет всем! Не могу почему-то зайти на сайт Василия, чтобы скачать плагины для SDRSharp... Не вкурсе что это??? У всех так???


Comment on New Custom Firmware for the PlutoSDR with Several Linux SDR Programs Pre-Installed by LamaBleu

Hi, hope AD will release a patch to gain access to the full 32MB range. And yes I’m working on a light version of this firmware, with a storage space reduced by 35% 🙁
– still there : LUAradio, rx_tools, csdr, SoapySDR + SoapyRemote, gnuplot, python support (removed numpy for the moment), cw-keyer, NTP and DHCP/fixed IP support.
– removing : openwebrx, retrogram, wifi support, multimon-ng, video sample for DATV (you have to download and transfer to USB storage).
Contact me via twitter or lama.bleu (on gmail servers) if you want to try, no problem.

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