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I was about to buy the pro version of SDR touch, after messing with demo version for a while. I have a cheap RTL dongle. But after a …

I was about to buy the pro version of SDR touch, after messing with demo version for a while. I have a cheap RTL dongle. But after a minute or so, i get "Unexpected disconnect. Any ideas if its dongle/OTG cable etc?

Заброшенные спутниковые антенныХудожник — Isaac Yeram Kim…

Заброшенные спутниковые антенны
Художник — Isaac Yeram Kim

Comment on Listening in to a DECT Digital Cordless Phone with a HackRF by Martin

I have the same issue as dario,

self.console_0 = Template error: #set $win = ‘self.%s’%$id
SyntaxError: invalid syntax..

Any hints?

Meteor-M 2 and NOAA 19 comparison on Argentina

This is my first time receiving Meteor M2 images, I'm very happy with the result. I want to show Meteor M2 and NOAA, because I never saw a comparison before.

Take a look at this imgur album.

  • Double Cross antenna, no LNA.
  • Meteor-M 2 decoder: glrpt.
  • NOAA decoder: gqrx and noaa-apt.

Some notes for people lost like me:

  • There are three identical NOAA satellites working right now: 15, 18 and 19. There is only one Meteor-M satellite working now: Meteor-M 2 also named Meteor-M N2.
  • These satellites send images at realtime, line by line. Something like a 1000x1 resolution video if you want, something like a flying scanner. These satellites fly on a polar orbit (north to south and south to north).
  • You don't need a LNA or a high antenna. I'm using a Double Cross Antenna, roughly 2m above the ground and 3-4m of RG-58 coax. Probably helps being far from big cities.
  • NOAA sends analog signals, so a better antenna should receive better images (less noise).
  • Meteor-M 2 sends digital signals, so you get perfect images or nothing (black bars).
  • NOAA send images with compensation for Earth's curvature, so you don't have to do anything. Meteor-M does not compensate so your decoder has to do the compensation later.
  • I do everything from Linux apart from the curvature compensation of Meteor-M 2, if anybody knows how to do that please let me know. I had to do it "by eye" using GIMP.
  • For NOAA, first I record a WAV file on GQRX using the following settings (some doesn't matter much, some I don't know what they do). If I'm doing something wrong please let me know.
    • Demodulation: WFM (mono).
    • Filter Width: Custom, just wide enough so the signal fits as you can see on the spectrum analyzer.
    • Filter Shape: Normal.
    • AGC: off.
    • Noise Blanker: No.
    • Squelch: Disabled (-150dB).
    • Maximum LNA gain slider.
    • I don't use any of "DC remove", "I/Q Balance", etc.
    • Input rate: 1800000
    • Decimation: None.
  • Then using my decoder noaa-apt, I decode the WAV file I recorded using GQRX.
  • For Meteor-M 2 I used only glrpt with the default settings.
  • On glrpt I had a problem, on the "SDR Receiver" field, "Audio" was shown instead of "RTLSDR". I had to use the command SoapySDRUtil --find, it said that device #0 and #1 were "audio", device #2 was "rtlsdr" so I had to edit ~/glrpt/glrptrc and set the device index to 2.
  • There are a lot of Meteor satellites with similar and confusing names, I can't understand yet the difference between them, I think this page has a list of the Meteor satellites, looks like Meteor-M 2 or Meteor M N2 is the only one that works. I think that Meteor-M N2-1 was lost on launch and Meteor-M N2-2 is going to space this year.
  • For satellite tracking I use gpredict. Otherwise for NOAA I use the Heavens-Above Android App/Website, for Meteor-M 2 you can use this website too.

Some keywords for people searching: Argentina, South America, Chile, Uruguay

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Comment on USRP SDRs used to Break 3G to 5G Mobile Phone Security by shady

Hello James if i need Lime SDR-Mini and i wanted to be delivery by a drone to my house because i am in Egypt and it is illegal to have it or order it how to do so??

Comment on Welle.io DAB/DAB+ Decoder Version 2 Released by Clem

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (Charles Caleb Colton)
Yes, I feel flattered: Look at the constellation diagram (not working properly btw), and compare with qirx (www.softsyst.com/qirx). Looks VERY similar.
Clem (Disclosure: qirx developer)

If you know the technical configuration of a receiver, then is it possible to put together a radio transmission that can make that receiver malfunction in some way (i.e a radio virus)? Sorry for the dumb question.

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What are these smaller pieces of bits at the end of the bigger ones?

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Комментарий к записи RTL-SDR: возможные неполадки (Александр)

нет , к сожалению так и не определяется . в то же время позаимствованный на время у знакомого точно такой же приёмник устанавливаемый в тот же usb порт сразу определяется и работает без проблем .

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