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Driver freezes on android

Hello, I tried using rtl sdr (v3) on my android phone (android version is 8), but it freezes after less than a minute. I tried different softwares, newest test was with rf analyzer.

Does anybody know what to do?

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Кто пользуется такой программой, делитесь опытом …

Universal Radio Hacker — легкий способ исследовать цифровые радиопротоколы
Кто пользуется такой программой, делитесь опытом https://habr.com/company/neuronspace/blog/434634/

Всем привет,народ подскажите какую лучше широкополосную антенну для sdr приемника сделать, а то одни вещалки ловит, зарание спасибо!…

Всем привет,народ подскажите какую лучше широкополосную антенну для sdr приемника сделать, а то одни вещалки ловит, зарание спасибо!

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: attenuaters

How do you intend to couple the receiver to the transmitter output, e.g. directional coupler?

The required attenuation depends on the max. allowable power that the receiver can operate with. However I cannot recall having read the max. allowable power is for the R820 chips.

Is the 10 W rated peak, RMS or average power. For protection you have to apply the peak power of any modulation and modulation index.
If you would directly couple the 10 W (or 40 dBm) transmitter with the receiver the attenuator needs to be able dissipate 10 W. The required attenuation is 40 dB(m) minus the max. allowable receiver input power, e.g. 60 dB if the max. allowable receiver input power would be -20 dBm. If you use a directional coupler the power requirement of the attenuator will be lower by the coupling loss, and varies with the coupling loss of the coupler. Which is frequency dependent.

If you use a separate antenna to pick up the signal the input power will vary with frequency, the antenna used and path loss to your transmit antenna.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • attenuaters

I use a QRP 10W transceiver and I want to monitor my transmitted signal. If I tie the antenna input directly to the radio (preferred)it will blow the front end. Anyone know what size antenuater would be needed to keep the SDR safe?

I also could feed the dongle with a separate antenna. If I do this what size attenuater would I need?

I might add that the dongle will receive the HF frequencies. R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO HF

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Troubleshooting Help • Zadig.exe fails to install


I have just tried to install zadig.exe but it fails straight away with message it is not compatible with version of windows I am using (see attachment).

The computer is running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) Service Pack 1, and has an intel i7 processor and 6 GByte of triple channel memory.

Tried a few different compatibility modes but no luck here.

The program was downloaded from https://airspy.com/download/

Any advice would be appreciated.


RTL SDR Install Fail.jpg

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Re: Picking up a data from GOES 17…

Hi all, I just have a quick question (or two) for you about receiving signals from GOES 17 on an SDR (I mean an Airspy Mini) with Goestools Goesrecv. Firstly I know how GOES 17 hasn't supposed to have started transmitting properly yet. Apparently it's only sending some binary test data or something for tests (only now & then). Does anyone know how to receive this data & can you do it with Goestools? What frequency would it be on? But enough of that, my main question would be: today when (only after trying for weeks) I got some signs of life & that my setup was even doing anything which I was starting to believe. Then all of a sudden it said this: "Phase flip detected from LRIT 180 deg to HRIT 180 deg". Does anyone know what that means please? I stall had a weak as signal that fully dropped after the first second which I got 14 packets & 28 drops. Also the Vit. avg was 1488. Also does anyone know of any other ways or good programs to pick up a GOES Sat on Linux? ~Badsat

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Rtl Sdr P25 decoding

Im baffled by how DSD+ decodes local ems/fire/police streams... I could have a weak signal using SDR # and the stream decodes perfectly....signal that is stronger just doesnt do squat...i have the VB Cable app running and i have tweaked the levels on sdr# , sdr gains on the rtlsdr itself..messed with antenna positioning and everything...even noise filters on and off..bottomline is weak signals work better than strong ones

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Comment on Using an RTL-SDR and RPiTX to Unlock a Car with a Replay Attack by Bill

Yes, and a white person showing people how to smoke crack is also giving white people a bad name.

L Band antenna construction question.

Just an inquiry in material used by those who have home brewed this type of antenna. Anybody here have any experience with this material.


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