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Has anyone found Insight?

Question in the title really. Does anyone know the frequency insight is using?

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Troubleshooting Help • New Version R1700 SpyServer from Airspy

I have been having some setup issues with the new Version of Spyserver version R1700 from Airspy (SDR# folks). I have the server set up and running so I can access the V3 Dongle remotely just fine. But there are settings in the spyserver.config file that allow the server to be listed on https://airspy.com/directory/ for others to log into. I cannot seem to get mine to show up on the page. I had it there for a few minutes, then it disappeared., I have my config file below. I have my ports forwarded (TCP/UDP) from 5555-6666. What am I missing?

# SPY Server Configuration File

# TCP Listener
bind_host =
bind_port = 5555-6666

# List Server in Airspy Directory
list_in_directory = 1

# Owner Name
# For example: RTL-SDR User
owner_name =HammerOne

# Owner email
# For example: john@doe.com
owner_email =cr*^%$8&@gmail.com

# Antenna
# For example: Random Wire/Magnetic Loop/Mini-Whip/Inverted V/etc.
antenna_type =Long Wire 65'

# Antenna Location
# For example: 48.858332, 2.294560
antenna_location =43.007054,-88.800268

# General Description
general_description = Wisconsin, USA

# User sessions
maximum_clients = 5

# Maximum session duration
# In minutes. 0 for no limit
maximum_session_duration = 0

# Allow clients to retune and change of gain of the device
allow_control = 1

# Device Type
# Possible Values:
# AirspyOne (R0, R2, Mini)
# AirspyHF+
# Auto (Scans for the first available device)
device_type = RTL-SDR

# Device Serial Number as 64bit Hex
# For example: 0xDD52D95C904534AD
# A value of 0 will acquire the first available device.
device_serial = 3

# Device Sample Rate
# Possible Values:
# Airspy R0, R2 : 10000000 or 2500000
# Airspy Mini : 6000000 or 3000000
# Airspy HF+ : 768000
# RTL-SDR : 500000 to 3200000
# Comment to use the device's default
#device_sample_rate = 2500000

# Force 8bit Compression Mode
# The 8bit Compression mode has proven sufficiently good for most streaming use cases.
# Use it to same some internet bandwidth.
#force_8bit = 1

# Maximum Bandwidth
# Limits the maximum IQ bandwidth the clients can set
# Recommended value for WFM is 200000
# Recommended value for narrow band modes is 15000
#maximum_bandwidth = 15000

# FFT Frames Per Second
fft_fps = 15

# FFT Bins
# Bins = 2^fft_bin_bits
fft_bin_bits = 16

# Initial Center Frequency
#initial_frequency = 7100000

# Minimum Tunable Frequency
# Comment if using the device default
minimum_frequency = 0

# Maximum Tunable Frequency
# Comment if using the device default
maximum_frequency = 54000000

# Frequency Correction in PPB
frequency_correction_ppb = -1000

# Initial Gain
#initial_gain = 10

# RTL-SDR Sampling mode
# Quadrature = 0,
# Direct Sampling I Branch = 1
# Direct Sampling Q Branch = 2
rtl_sampling_mode = 2

# Converter Offset
# Set to -120000000 to enable the SpyVerter offset
#converter_offset = -120000000

# Bias-Tee
# For AirspyOne only - Useful for LNA's and SpyVerter
#enable_bias_tee = 0

# Buffer Size (in milliseconds)
buffer_size_ms = 50

# Buffer Count
buffer_count = 10

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This is the program I use to stream police dispatch in my area to broadcastify.

This is the program I use to stream police dispatch in my area to broadcastify. submitted by /u/teddy52592
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Comment on An Overview on RF Direction Finding with RTL-SDRs by Txop

how do i change the nr of scans? its no way to change the default 20 in continius mode as far as i can se.

Sdrsharp keep crashing on win7 32bit

Hello, I have a notebook core i3 with win7 32bit. On this machine sdrsharp freezes always when i try to quit the program and freezes often when i click the stop button.

I have a desktop too with win7 64bit and there sdrsharp run and stop well.

Do you know what i could try to resolve the problem on the notebook? Thank you, bye

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Hay guys im new to this sdr my main use of it is for listing to atc but i not clued up on bandwith…

Hay guys im new to this sdr my main use of it is for listing to atc but i not clued up on bandwith or khz or mhz as i use a scanner i usaly juat put in the freq i wish to listen to say scottish control 123.600 now if i put that in my scanner i get it no prob but when i use cubic sdr i put 123.6 in and im on freq but when i look in water fall i can see the mic being open up as i do on my scanner but the signal is not on 126.3 i need to tune to 126.35889 just to get voice on freq and cubic is the only one ive got to work if i use sdr sharp or hdsdr i cant get eny am signal at all only cubic sdr eny help whouod be gratful thanks team for aprovment to this page ;)

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HRPT with an RTL-SDR

After trying my hand on some NOAA/METEOR M2 passes, i'd like to try something else, I live in Europe so GOES sattelites or Himawari is not an option. :( So after some looking around I found out you can get HRPT from Meteor and NOAA, can you do this with an RTLSDR? or do you need better hardware for this? the European Metosats only transpond encrypted now I think (?) and the METEOP A/B/C are another candiate IF you can get HRPT with an rtlsdr.. same for the Fengyungs.

has anyone ever had some luck with sats other then the standard NOAA/METEOR and GOES? did anyone ever get HRPT successfully?

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: RTL-SDR V.3 Frequency Range?

Using a 24db gain dish, no tracking needed for geostationary. I hear absolutely nothing even with the SAWBird+ LNA.

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Comment on Submit a Story/Contact by ayhan

i am amatur user of rtl sdr and know nothing about it’s codes in matlab enviroment .
could you please say where can i find the functions that i need to work with rtl sdr to receive radio .

Off-Topic • Re: Just boring stuff above 868?

oh mine is just behind the Window. Here its get very cold so keep the Window open is no option.
I ordered a "Sat Flat Cable". I just need some F SMA Adapter who should arrive from China soon.
Hopefully that will work.

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