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Comment on A Review of the HackRF PortaPack (With Havoc Firmware) by max

hi I bought a PortaPack last week and the LCD is not working, what do I do?

Comment on Comparing the Airspy HF+ And KiwiSDR on Shortwave Radio by Max

KiwiSDR is a great receiver with its 30mHz bandwidth but the software is at the same time the reason of its success and its limit. It’s a big advantage being able to access many receivers with the browser and that’s what made KiwiSDR’s success but the software is not at the same level of others like SDR Console. I would like to know if technically these SDR softwares installed in the pc could be developed to support KiwiSDR for the owner’s use or what prevents from doing it.

What did happen? Using turnstile for 137.5MHz + RTLSDR V3(no LNA or filter)

What did happen? Using turnstile for 137.5MHz + RTLSDR V3(no LNA or filter) submitted by /u/griz17
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ERROR: Status read failed: Connection reset by peer

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Icom IC-7100 Waterfall/Spectrum Scope?

Spectrum to your scope? What icom to that and Windows every waterfall.

Statistics: Posted by iffinsu34 — Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:34 am

Электро-Л №2, три канала в видимом диапазоне, 1 км/пиксель….

Электро-Л №2, три канала в видимом диапазоне, 1 км/пиксель.

Comment on RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA (Bias Tee Powered) by admin

It’s not designed for those frequencies so it would just attenuate them instead of increasing the gain.

Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: Setting up and using the SpyServer Remote Streaming Server with an RTL-SDR by Dara

Hi everyone…

I have SpyServer running perfectly for a single RTL dongle on Windows 7 for the host PC and client with SDRT# v However, I have two scenarios that i can’t figure out as follows;

Scenario 1
With a single dongle, the tuning range is limited to 2 MHz when a second user connects and also for the original user who had full range of tuning. When the second user disconnects – the original user regains full range tuning. Any ideas?

Scenario 2
I would like to run 2 dongles on a single PC and spyserver for each dongle. So far I have 2x SDR# folders (for each dongle) and have changed port numbers (5555 & 6666) in the spyserver.config in each of the SDR# folders. I can connect to 5555 okay but 6666 won’t connect. The spyserver command window for 6666 says;

usb_open error -3
Please fix the device permissions, e.g by installing the udev rules file rtl-sdr.rules

Again, any ideas please? Thank you

Comparing the Airspy HF+ And KiwiSDR on Shortwave Radio

The Airspy HF+ and the KiwiSDR are two HF specialty SDR radios. The HF+ advertises excellent dynamic range and sensitivity, whilst the KiwiSDR has it's strength in it's internet connectivity and 30 MHz wide live bandwidth.

Over on YouTube icholakov has uploaded a video comparing the two SDRs on daytime medium wave and shortwave reception with a W6LVP amplified magnetic loop antenna. It is expected that the two SDRs should be quite similar in easy receiving conditions, but the Airspy HF+ should shine in challenging conditions with strong blocking signals and weak signals being received at the same time. The Airspy HF+ should also be a bit more sensitive in all conditions. It's not clear if there were any strong blocking signals in the tests, but the results appear to confirm the sensitivity expectations.

KiwiSDR and Airspy HF+ comparison

Comment on RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA (Bias Tee Powered) by Jim Whitaker

Question, I often listen to AM and LF and would really like to know what happens down at those frequencies with this powered on/off?

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