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Comment on YouTube Talk: Evaluating 9 of the Best Single Board Computers for Ham Radio SDR Systems by Paul

If you check mobile phones, how many charge at 5v , 2a? And.. the charging hardware needs to charge a 3.7v cell, max. 4.2 v.. so more to play with compared to an sbc which needs the 5v to be stable to perform well…
So it is not really a comparison.

Why are there so many peaks?

Why are there so many peaks?

Hello Guys,

I have buyed a RTL SDR and i dont had problem with that. Now there are many peaks when I put the Settings higher.

Is the RTL SDR brocken?


Antenna (V-Dipole) -> LNA -> RTL-SDR



This is the RTL-SDR that I use

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Troubleshooting Help • Orbitron and Schedular Plugin — can’t track multiple satellites

Hello there!

I'm using Orbitron as a doppler-effect calculator and SDR# with a schedular plugin as receiver, like this tutorial describes: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/wp-content/uplo ... altime.pdf
I want to receive the Meteor-M N2 satellite as well as 3 NOAA satellites, but fully automated. The final goal would be to go to a website and see the latest images.

But here is my question:
As I connect Orbitron to SDR# using the DDE driver, I can only select one satellite at a time in the Rotor/Radio category, for instance, the NOAA 19. Now if NOAA 18 passes by, the schedular plugin doesn't change the frequency of SDR#, because Orbitron isn't giving any commands at all.

Is it somehow possible to make Orbitron switch between the chosen satellites, if an AOS happens?

Don't get me wrong, if the satellite I want to receive is chosen, it works perfectly fine.

I'm really looking forward to an answer, thank you in advance.


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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Error with SDR Sharp: «Cannot access RTL device»

Yes, also tried installing again the whole foler an ran "install-rtlsdr.bat" again but keeps giving the same message.

Also noticed that shows an "Unknown" message above the device selection box in SDR#
sdr sharp window.jpg

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Comment on YouTube Talk: Evaluating 9 of the Best Single Board Computers for Ham Radio SDR Systems by Val

MicroUSB is a world standard for mobile phones, and they use very similar hardware, so it it must be not the worst choice for sure. Possibility to use a regular power bank to make your SBC portable is awesome. And I’ve never ran into power-related kind of problems with any SBC I have, even ASUS Tinker Board.
SBCs that use barrel power connector are in different class, they are more powerful but hardly portable.

Antennas • Re: RTL-SDR Blog Multipurpose Dipole Antenna Kit

Technically, yes.

But it wouldn't work very well for many reasons.

To get it to work, I think you have to pull out the resister that is inside of the antenna casing, then either hold the coax connector to the one on the baofeng and make sure that the centre pin connects, or buy an adapter.

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WXtoIMG audio troubleshooting on Thinkpad T-420

hey guys i need your help please

just built my V-dipole antenna & installed WXtoIMG but cant find my soundcard...in wxtoimg settings i only have device 0-15 and in sharp i cant tune audio at all...

laptop is a thinkpad t420 with win7 64bit with rtl-sdr dongle

i saw a video on youtube were someone decribes the way to do it (some hustle with the registry?!) but cant find it anymore lols

first NOAA flyby is in about 45 minutes and the next one ~2 hours later

im going to look that i now at least get a proper signal in the first place but would love to record the second one ...

thanks in advance xD

EDIT:found the video_ function is stereo mix...but no luck enabling it-next chance would be something like (virtual audio cable) ...lets see

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User Projects • Re: RTLSDR using on LAN

I have it on SDR# too but there is a box called "Offset Tuning" which removes it.
I have same problem on RTL_TCP and SpyServer too but there is nothing like a Offset Tuning and it is very annoying.

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Comment on YouTube Talk: Evaluating 9 of the Best Single Board Computers for Ham Radio SDR Systems by Paul

The advise of using an sbc with micro USB for power is about the worst advise you can give people. Micro USB is not meant to transport high (> 1.5A) currents and on top of that most cables have such small wires in them that they have significant voltage drop…. The best way to power is using either the 5.5/2.1mm barrel connector, or where possible, the gpio header… Both beat the micro USB connection.
The folks at the raspberry foundation made the decision to use the micro USB connection for power to decrease the initial cost to run their first board. After all most people had a micro USB power brick available. For some reason they still stick with it, and create all sorts of workarounds to deal with the issues introduced by this powering method. Unfortunately a lot of people consider the rpi foundation as the leader in sbc development, and the choices they make are untouchable, people think . So my hope is that the rpi foundation gets their act together and start using a decent power connector…

Comment on RTLSDR-Airband V3 Released by Sai Hou

The installation for this RTLSDR-Airband v3.0.1 seems have strange behavior.
I monitor the same frequency using the Kenwood TM-V71A and after the conversation between the ATC and the pilot ended, and have to wait for approx 30s to rebroadcast from the Raspberry Pi to my PC.
How to fix this problem?

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