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Comment on List of SDRSharp Plugins by Paul Dahlen

I’m enjoying the suite, but when I shut down and restart another day, the folder I chose for my data files is not saved by the program and it looks in the default folder in appdata and then throws errors when it can’t find the data files. Any fix? other than trying to figure out where it wants the files to go?

The other thing is that when the scanner stops it turns the SDR# squelch off. It gets old clicking the squelch on every couple of minutes. Probably something I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?


How can I get the best possible image quality for the ISS SSTV event using my RTL-SDR V3 kit?

Hi, I'm trying to recieve the special SSTV event images using my new rtl-sdr.com kit. How should I set up my antenna to get the best possible image quality? Can I just point it at the sky or does it need to be facing north to south or something?

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: V3 Bias Tee won’t turn off on Raspbian Stretch

Thank you, It's good to know it because I wasn't sure I was doing things all right.

I would llike to be able to turn the biasT on/off in order to perform diferent measures with the LNA on/off. But as a matter of fact I'm not sure if the LAN powered off in the RF line has any attenuattion and the RTLSDR can work with the LNA off in the line. That was the firts test I wanted to do. Now it is a question that maybe you can asnswer to me.

Apart from that it's si not so important for me as long as there are not other related issues.

Best Regards.


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Antennas • Re: COAX Stub notch 88-108 bandstop filter for stock antenna

Thank you very much snn47, tomorrow i will try to put something together.
If in the future you will find the DUBUS hams project please send it. I am very curious.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Prostick Plus, Aluminum enclosure… and thermal pads?

vizer tv
vidmate apk

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Off-Topic • need to identify diode

hello i try to build a crystal radio and salvaged a diode from an old radio. i am still new to radio, can anyone identify this diode and tell if it is ok for crystal radio please?

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Comment on New Products in Our Store: Wideband LNA + Spare V3 Metal Enclosures by Phil

Got mine 2 days ago. Solid performer, very nice case, adapter included and green LED to show power to the unit. Unbeatable value! Thanks!

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User Projects • Re: RTLSDR using on LAN

Please, explain a little bit more that about a DC spike with rtl_tcp

I use RTLSDR in a Raslberrypi and rtl_tcp and I had no idea about that issue



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