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Comment on RTLSDR-Airband V3 Released by andx

Open from the console again: #sudo nano /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml
Only edit these two lines:
1. 0</burst-on-connect
2. <!– You may have multiple elements –>

<!– –>
<!– /stream –>

Let the rest as is.
CTRL-X, return, Y

Open #sudo nano etc/default/icecast2
change enable=false to enable=true
CTL-X, return, Y

>from the console enter #systemctl restart icecast2
>put your dongle to the USB slot
>from the console enter #/usr/local/bin/rtl_airband -f
>you should see a connecting message and then a waterfall with 2 figures
>open winamp or VLC and open this streaming URL: http://:7000/atc.mp3
Note: port 7000 is used because 8000 and 8080 are used by Piaware.

Comment on RTLSDR-Airband V3 Released by andy

ok, we start with rtl_airband.conf to setup for just one fixed frequency.
From the command line open the editor with #sudo nano /usr/local/etc/rtl_airband.conf
Put these lines in there. Most of it is in there already. You can put another freq, but then you MUST adjust centerfreq, too. Centerfreq MUST be within 2 MHz of freq. Remember to put the password in, that you entered during installation.
type = “rtlsdr”;
index = 0;
gain = 30;
centerfreq = 126.0;
correction = 0;
freq = 126.200;
outputs: (
type = “icecast”;
server = “”;
port = 7000;
mountpoint = “atc.mp3”;
name = “ATC”;
genre = “ATC”;
username = “source”;
password = “yourpassword”;
When you are ready leave nano with CTRL-X, then return, then Y.

nano /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml is next

MeteorGIS bug ???

Probably a bug in the MeteorGIS.exe file ??

Meteor-M2 is sending now in 123 RGB, so change the M2_LRPT_Decoder.ini to RGB123.

When you start MeteorGIS.exe, the M2_LRPT_Decoder.ini changes from RGB123 to RGB 125.

MeteorGIS does not read in the 123 M2_LRPT_Decoder.ini.!

Am I the only one who discovers this? Or is there another possibility?

If this is a bug, where can I post or email it?

Please comment,

Cees, PA3CVI

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wxtoimg installer only creates two text files on Windows 10

Hi, I downloaded the Windows installer from https://wxtoimgrestored.xyz/, ran "wxinst21011.exe" as administrator and followed the intructions by setting the install dir and accepting the TOS. A second after pressing install the installer closes without any further warning. It does actually create a new folder containing two text files (archive and weather) but doesn't provide any other files or programs. Is this a known bug or something? How can I get it installed?

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User Projects • Trying to open my weird Garage with radio at 434Mhz

Heya! I'm tring to open my garage with a replica of my signal with a 433.9Mhz transmitter and a raspberry pi 3


My signal in the Universal Radio Hacker looks like this..

The code detected is this..
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3879 samples]
100110110100110110100100100100110110100110110100100100110110110100100100100110110100100100110100110100100110110100110100110111010010010011011011011011011011011011011011011011011010011011010011 [Pause: 15532 samples]
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3881 samples]

And this is my replica! with the 5V transmitter compared with the 12V 27A (I think the problem lies here(?))
And the code..
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3933 samples]
100110110100110110100100100100110110100110110100100100110110110100100100100110110100100100110100110100100110110100110100110111010010010011011011011011011011011011011011011011011010011011010011 [Pause: 15584 samples]
10101010101010101010101 [Pause: 3932 samples]

Used a python script to transmit it, any clues why the replica don't work?

Statistics: Posted by acujl — Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:24 pm

Antennas • Re: COAX Stub notch 88-108 bandstop filter for stock antenna

Depends on what Parameter you need if a stub is the solution for you, since a coax stub would also attenuate the 70 to 80 MHz MHz segment somewhat to, varying on design. I'm not specific because it depends on many factors.

In short a Notch filter or coax stub is a piece of cable of n * 1/4 wavelength
- The physical length of the cable has to be shorter than the calculated wavelength and varies with cable properties due to varying propagation in different cables.
-The calculated wave length is multiplied by a shortening factor which is cable specific which you have to look up

What you can(not) expect from a coax stub notch filter
- The notch depth (higher W narrower) and width of notch (higher Q deeper notch) depend on the Q(uality) of the cable.
- The notches will also occur on multiples of the lowest frequency the notch filter is designed for
- DUBUS Hams found for a project that even Teflon cables were not providing narrow enough Notches, so they experimented successfully with a loose coupling via a capacitor, however while width improved the looser the stub was coupled the less depth the Notch provided. Sorry I did not find a link describing their tests.

How to built one
- Start with a bit longer cable and shorten it as, since you cannot glue a cutoff piece on again, for some variations in design look here http://dg7ybn.de/technical/Filters.htm#surge look for Notch Filter

Without means to measure it will be trial and error, since receive and stop band are close to each other.

Statistics: Posted by snn47 — Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:33 pm

Comment on RTLSDR-Airband V3 Released by Sai Hou

I am not understand what to set or edit in the:-
nano /usr/local/etc/rtl_airband.conf
nano /etc/icecast2/icecast

Anyway, just forget about it.

I admit that I am really no knowledge about the Linux / Debian / Raspbian at all.


Antennas • COAX Stub notch filter 88-108 bandstop filter for stock antenna

Hi everybody,

i would like to try to make a coax 88 108 bandstop filter for the stock dipole antenna sold with the dongle RTL-SDR V3 (while i am waiting for the restock of RTLSDR filter :lol: ).
I will use a SMA "T" connector and the same cable of stock antenna.
I am interested mainly on get the frequency of about 70-80mhz with less interference possible.

How much should be long the open stub of cable?

Thank you very much!

Statistics: Posted by Jekko — Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:00 pm

User Projects • Re: RTLSDR using on LAN

Thank You very much i Will try that.

Statistics: Posted by AlarmedFelix — Thu Oct 25, 2018 2:22 pm

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