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Anyone getting Goes 15 as it moves?

I read that goes 15 would continue transmitting as it moved so i was wondering if anyone was gather photos to make an animation as it moved. I would but im a little late on getting setup

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Comment on Buy RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) by Evan Dembskey

I came here to ask that exact question. Will it be faster to wait for Amazon to get it in stock again, or order it from China?

Osmo-fl2k compatible devices?

Does anyone have links to cheap vga adapters that are compatible with osmo-fl2k? Thank you!

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Comment on Using an RTL-SDR to decode VOR Aircraft Navigation Beacons in Real Time by DL9CAT

I looked into this and found the reason. The Frequency Xlating FFT Filter adds an additional phase delay because of the low pass filter. The FM receive block contains an additional audio low pass filter that adds another phase delay. Even the hilbert transform seems to add some more delay to the FM signal. The trick is to apply the same filtering to the other path to add the same delay there. The improved GRC flow graphs can be found on github (reald/sdr-collection) now. There are also a flow graphs for generating test signals and an improved version of https://www.rtl-sdr.com/receiving-vor-radio-navigation-rtl-sdr-gnu-radio/ .

Github: reald/sdr-collection


Comment on KerberosSDR Now Available for Pre-order on Indiegogo by Lars

I am thinking of using the KerberosSDR as a receiver for an L-band microwave radiometer. Applications would for example be the measurement of soil moisture at 1400-1427 MHz. Therefore, I’d like to know if it would be feasible to connect one or two LNA’s plus band pass filter after the calibration board?

Comment on RTLSDR-Airband V3 Released by Sai Hou

For this RTL Airband setup, if for those users who doesn’t familiar with the Debian / Raspbian, it is really DIFFICULT to get it work.
I really hope that there is an easy way to have this Airband package to be installed as easy as installing PiAware or RadarBox24 or even PlaneFinder.

Anyone know what these signals could be? Left arpeggio and right tone, both slowly drifting.

Anyone know what these signals could be? Left arpeggio and right tone, both slowly drifting. submitted by /u/Pipinpadiloxacopolis
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Comment on About RTL-SDR by Clint Mclean

Yeah, the resonant frequency range of the human mind is between 400 and 500 MHz.

These could be the frequency ranges that they’ve been using on the diplomats in Cuba and China.

It’s interesting that I’ve been saying for ages that microwaves or electromagnetic waves were used on them.

I described this scientifically, referencing Frey’s work on the microwave auditory effect, that generates the same sounds that they heard, and how an over exposure to radio or microwaves cause the same symptoms that they experienced. It’s called radio or microwave sickness.

So these are the same symptoms that the diplomats experienced, and only more recently have those that are officially involved in the investigation have said that it is very likely that electromagnetic waves were used.

Why have the investigators not been saying the most obvious answer until now, how could they be that ignorant? They weren’t even mentioning it as a probable cause.

There really isn’t any scientific mystery regarding what happened to the diplomats, it’s established science that an over exposure to radio or microwaves causes those symptoms and the microwave hearing effect produces the same sounds.

Citizen scientists have been the first to provide the answers, Professor James Lin and Dr. Beatrice Golomb have written scientific papers on this.

I’m also a qualified scientist and I’ve been saying it almost a year before those officially involved in the investigation.

The New York Times, CNN and others have now also started saying this.

Why would it take so long? How could I and others have the answer before the CIA, FBI, NSA or anyone else officially involved in investigating this?

There’s a very interesting answer to that question.

Troubleshooting Help • LOTS of interference in direct sampling mode

Hello guys,
I was wondering if all those interference I see in the waterfall are something I should expect or if the dongle is malfunctioning. As you can see in the picture the waterfall is full of interference "spikes", but also ghost signals and mirrored signals.
I am using a 10 meter dipole antenna made out of speaker wire, outside in a public park in Ottawa. The antenna is hang between two trees, 1.5m above the ground. The dongle is attached to a 6 feet USB-3 cable, away from the compute

The weird thing is that I think I remember the first time I used the direct sampling mode with this antenna in the same place there was muuuch less interference spikes. I am worrying the dongle may be broken by an esd or something. Quadrature sampling works well tho.

I also posted my problem on reddit but I wanted to have a second opinion.
Any thoughts?


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RTL-SDR Discussion • Prostick Plus, Aluminum enclosure… and thermal pads?

Hi all!

I received a ProStick Plus yesterday, and I also got the RTL-SDR aluminum enclosure for it because I read that the components benefitted from the best possible cooling. I figured that aluminum would help transfer more heat to the outside than the standard plastic case.

Now I am wondering if I ideally should try and improve thermal conductivity from the stick itself to the case. It seems that there is very roughly 7 mm between the chips on top of the board and the case, and 3 mm between the back side of the stick's board and the case.

Now my questions: Does it make sense to thermally bridge this gap, and if so, what is the best way? Should I do it on both sides or only one? I read somewhere that thermal pads were recommended, but the good ones normally seem fairly thin (maybe 1.5 mm max.) and you are not supposed to use more than one layer. But I gather that they are only useful if they actually touch the inner wall of the enclosure.

Any thoughts?


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