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Other SDR Devices • Re: HF= USB Cable

If I remember right, the HF+ draws about 380 - 390 mA, so you don't want to go very light on cabling.
In any case, Just try it and see if it works.

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Strange signal on 448.6750 MHz.

Anyone knows what this signal is for kind of data transmission https://instaud.io/1UaJ ?

Found on 448.6750 MHz in Sweden. Thanks alot!

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Other SDR Devices • HF= USB Cable

I just got an Airspy HF+ and am very happy with it. The only thing I would like to change is the large USB cable that came with it. Does anyone know if changing to a much shorter and lighter USB cable will degrade the HF+ output.


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First MIL aircraft seen with ADS-B

Just now tracking a military aircraft. Funny that I'm only seeing it locally off of dump1090. I feed to fr24 but it's not showing there, (or any other online site I can find) . I'm assuming they censor any "sensitive" flights. Although I would think anything really secure would have ADS-B turned off .

Are there any tracking sites that don't censor? And if so, can I feed to them concurrently with fr24?

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Can’t change the device in SDRSharp

Greetings all, I can't seem to change the device in the settings box in SDRSharp, the Device dropdrown is grayed out. I have the latest WinUSB driver installed and RTL-SDR (USB) selected as the Source. Any thoughts? Thanks, Tim.

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Question about legalities

So I followed this tutorial and just got my RTL-SDR


Tracking Aircrafts isn't illegal? Is there no way I can get in trouble. I just want to confirm and none were popping up on my map. I live in USA and receiving at 1090mhz (obliviously!)


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Comment on Measuring Power Line Noise in the Neighbourhood with the RTL-SDR “Driveby” System by Jeff Kelly

Wondering if there is simple way to take a band noise sample every hour so I can document the noise level on a band over a month or more? In other words the noise level for 144MHZ is S9 (or the db equiv). Over time I will be able to get some understanding about the band noise.
I think rtf_power should be perfect for this.

Any suggestions?


Troubleshooting Help • Re: SDR sharp stops playing radio after about a second

Thanx for answers I have solved it by disabling the screen reader and restarted it later. For me as a blind it is necessary software:-). I guess that the screen reader was conflicting with the sdrsharp because both program wanted to use same soundcard. Now it works. One question: is there any plugin for sdrsharp which will allow me to listen to digital transmissions from Motorola radiostations (they are not encrypted)? Thanx for info Johny33

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Transfering SDRTouch license to new phone


Clock Widgets For Android


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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: SDR — Bandwidth

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