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продам hackrf, bladerf x40 срочно…

продам hackrf, bladerf x40 срочно

продам hackrf, bladerf x40 срочно…

продам hackrf, bladerf x40 срочно

Comment on KerberosSDR Now Available for Pre-order on Indiegogo by Larry Springsteen

I have used Indegogo before and wasn’t disappointed. I am very interested with this project and have an Odroid UX-4 I can use for a mobile DF platform. The local repeater club has Fox-Hunts and this would be a great use for this product. I can see an advanced application of several (4 or more) distributed around a wide area listening for an interfering signal to DF.

73, Larry WB8LBZ
El Paso, TX

NESDR Noise when using on one laptop, fine in another

I have this weird problem where my NESDR is working fine on my laptop, and signal strength is very good, but when plugged in a Windows 10 tablet, there is lots of noise, and previously clear signals are barely audible. The issue exists both on the detachable keyboard's usb ports, as well as when hooked up using the micro usb OTG port. Is there anything I can do to lower the noise?

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Comment on KerberosSDR Now Available for Pre-order on Indiegogo by admin

There are unfortunately compromises that need to be made when combining 4 dongles onto the same PCB coherently, so it’s not as clean as the V3 which is the cleanest RTL-SDR out there. USB noise is filtered via a choke. Spectrum cleanliness is more than good enough though.

No web interface in the current version, however, it is not difficult to VNC into the SBC/computer being used with the board and control it that way.

Comment on KerberosSDR Now Available for Pre-order on Indiegogo by AD5NL

These guys (rtl-sdr.com and othernet.is) have a pretty good track record of delivering quality hardware.

There might be some design compromises, or areas for improvement (I don’t have an opinion re: the comment on indiegogo regarding the impedance of the antenna traces, but that would be a hypothetical example of what I mean by potential “areas for improvement”). But I wouldn’t equate “less than perfect” with “suspicious.”

Relative to the average indiegogo campaign, I am fairly confident that these guys will deliver something that more-or-less works.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: SDR sharp stops playing radio after about a second

If the dongle is running fine but just without sound, then it's definitely a software/driver issue somewhere and not the hardware, as the SDR hardware has nothing to do with the sound.

What antenna came with the dongle you purchased? If you got our dipole kit, then that's a pretty good starters antenna if you can get it up high and/or outside. If you got a whip with your rtl-sdr i'd look into purchasing a discone and getting that up on your roof/attic.

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Listening to HD Radio with rtlsdr

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Comment on KerberosSDR Now Available for Pre-order on Indiegogo by Tetra

what about spurri and usb generated noise ?
will there be a web interface for controlling the linux Software ?

Signal Identification Help • Re: wireless guitar-amp

Just an update:

So the signal tops around 120 MHz.

It can be found as low as 30 MHz (very faint) and as high as 200 MHz (very faint)

The main strength sits between 75 to 165 MHz.

There are no stronger signal-spikes than those that appear in the airband.

All the spikes are spaced 1 MHz apart from each other.

I have a BCFM-filter (the one offered by this site) and oddly enough that band is completely clean (BCFM can still be heard, but no trace of the guitar-signal).

It's as if the BCFM-filter blocks the guitar-signal perfectly.
Below the BCFM-filter's range the guitar-signal re-appears, and also above the BCFM-filter's range.

I find it very strange, but it's as if the BCFM-filter simply cancels the guitar-signal fully.
I tried lowering the input-gain and tune to non-filtered frequencies (the airband and above and below it), but that didn't have a similar effect as the BCFM-filter.
So it doesn't appear as if these guitar-signals are caused by over-loading.

The antenna I used is tuned to 121.5 MHz (which is where the guitar-signals have most strength)

I'm really puzzled by this. And especially because I can't find what appears to be a main signal (I was looking for a very strong signal between 25 MHz and up to 1800 MHz (the airspy R2's range), which might have caused over-loading, but couldn't find any)

EDIT: just found this forum-link: http://forums.prosoundweb.com/index.php?topic=157250.0 where a similar problem is talked about. They mention it could be a 'chinese amp' or broken amp. So now I'm wondering if I should try to track the user down and mention it... in case the amp is perhaps electrically dangerous to use (perhaps with a risk of electro-shock, or perhaps fire, if not grounded)

Statistics: Posted by JEL — Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:18 pm

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