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KerberosSDR Now Available for Pre-order on Indiegogo

We're happy to announce that KerberosSDR is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

As promised we announced the release to KerberosSDR mailing list subscribers first, so that they'd be the first to get the initial discounted early bird units. However due to much higher than expected interest, we have released a few "second early bird" units at a still discounted price of $115 + shipping. We're only going to release 300 of these so get in quick before the price jumps up to $125. Our pre-order campaign will last 30 days, and afterwards the retail price will become $150.

If you weren't already aware, over the past few months we've been working with the engineering team at Othernet.is to create a 4x Coherent RTL-SDR that we're calling KerberosSDR. A coherent RTL-SDR allows you to perform interesting experiments such as RF direction finding, passive radar and beam forming. In conjunction with developer Tamas Peto, we have also had developed open source demo software for the board, which allows you to test direction finding and passive radar. The open source software also provides a good DSP base for extension.

More information available on our KerberosSDR page, and the Indiegogo page.

KerberosSDR with Calibration Board Attached (Metal Enclosure with SMA connectors Not Shown)
KerberosSDR with Calibration Board Attached (Metal Enclosure with SMA connectors Not Shown)
KerberosSDR Main Board (Metal Enclosure with SMA connectors Not Shown)
KerberosSDR Main Board (Metal Enclosure with SMA connectors Not Shown)

RTL-SDR Discussion • Question about FPGA and signal reception / ADS-B


I'm interested in learning about FPGA and signal reception. I already have some systems for audio and ADS-B reception, but I would like to build my own based on FPGA. The idea is to build something like Plane Finder, FR24 and FlightAware does: a processor board (beagle bone or raspberry) connected to a FPGA board working like a 'dongle'. I would like to learn how FPGA receive and proccess received signal and how it's transfered to board and processed there.
I was looking into KiwiSDR, but it uses a different FPGA than most of learning board....I would like to go for something like Altera Cycclone IV or III, I think it's a common and not so price FPGA. Am I right?

Where I can find information and articles/examples/instructions to learn about this?!
I'm already a C developer and I have some experience (not too much) with ADS-B and dump1090 (I've made some modifications to learn/test, but nothing related to FPGA).

Thank you!

Statistics: Posted by jmaurin — Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:11 pm

What does FM broadcast band filtering do to help?

I've been seeing FM broadcast band stop filters for sale, and I was wondering what kind of improvements I would see in the signal if I was to put one of those in my radio setup. Is it worth picking up one if I'm still relatively new to SDR?

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M2 checking in from the west coast

M2 checking in from the west coast submitted by /u/machsFuel
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I want my GOES17!!

I got my 2.4GHz antenna, SAWbird, RPi3, RTL-SDR.com setup. I installed goestools. I point my antenna at GOES17, fire-up goesrecv, and things look great! It's outputing messages like:

2018-10-14T18:31:03Z [monitor] gain: 22.97, freq: -8940.9, omega: 2.589, vit(avg): 402, rs(sum): 1220, packets: 281, drops: 0

I want to run goesproc to read packets from goesrecv. My problem is that goesproc doesn't seem to receive anything. It's --subscribed to tpc:// I used netstat and I see tcp localhost:5004 is there. Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there more pieces needed?

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Does someone have the MacOs version of WXtoImg? The one available on WXtoImg Restored website is damaged and won’t launch.

As I said in the title, the MacOs version of the WXtoImg software I downloaded from the WXtoImg Restored website is damaged (the image disk appears to be corrupted). https://wxtoimgrestored.xyz/downloads/#downloads

Is there anyone with a working software willing to share it? Many thanks.

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Signal Identification Help • Re: Is this a weather balloon?

Did you select NFM? the sound is very weak

Statistics: Posted by m_a_x — Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:42 pm

Good bias-tee powered power amplifier for the HackRF?

I want a good bias-tee powered transmitting/power amp. I saw that Nuand has one, but I wanted to see what you guys might think.

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GOES 16/17 Newsletter

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Custom 400-406 MHZ bandpass filter?

As it was already mentioned, making a suitable filter is not easy, but in case you still want to try it, you probably want an elliptic (Cauer) filter since that's the steepest, or an inverse Chebyshev filter. Unfortunately, the math for filter design is kinda (?) ugly.

Methinks the best way to reduce interference is by using a directional antenna aligned in a way to minimize signal pick-up from the nearby transmitter

Statistics: Posted by aurgathor — Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:44 pm

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