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Can’t get WXTrack to run

Like the title says, I'm trying to get WXTrack set up with DDE in SDR#, but I can't get WXTrack to run. When I click on the application, I get an error "The code execution cannot proceed because lJL15.DLL was not found" and another identical error but for lpng-px.dll not found.

Running Windows 10.


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Hurricane Michael through the eyes of GOES-16 (channel 2, mesoscale region 1)

Hurricane Michael through the eyes of GOES-16 (channel 2, mesoscale region 1) submitted by /u/pietern_
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USRP B200 vs 210 vs205

Hello ,

Just need some help on what are that main difference between 3 different board from ettus and if it's better to go with 210 or there is no point overspending as 200 or 205 mini give enough options for not professional user. (I used hack RF X2 to get up/down link at this same time but decided now to upgrade)

Is there any major difference between 205 and 200 assuming quite close price range and sf.


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RTL-SDR Discussion • LevelMeter Plugin a piece of junk???

So I downloaded the SD Sharp level meter plugin.. I've downloaded other plugins as well and have gotten familiar with how to install them.

So anyhow, I downloaded the LevelMeter and no matter what frequency I tune, all it does is bounce the meter between S9, S9+3 and S9+6

I can tune the noisiest frequency I can find or a frequency so quiet I have to turn the volume up to hear the static, and the level meter shows the same thing.
Tried selecting Average, Peak, etc.. Tried playing with the smoothing controls as well.. it always shows the same thing.

Being a ham operator, I know it should show a far lower S reading on the higher frequencies like 144Mhz and a higher S meter reading on the lower and more noisy frequencies like the 40 meter band at 7.2Mhz.. and yet, it just shows the same thing over and over.

What's up with this? have I done something incorrect?

Statistics: Posted by Murphy625 — Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:39 pm

Antennas • Re: Ultra-WideBand Vivaldi Antenna 800MHz to 6GHz+

Hi Airwind,

I don't have any current plans to sell on ebay. Never say never though.

Tindie has worked really well for me and I wasn't aware of any problems with paypal on Tindie. Its how I recieve my funds from them and I havent had a problem. They also give the buyer a bit more protection than ebay IMO.

I will reach out to them and see what the issue is with paypal.


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Comment on Submit a Story/Contact by Yuri

Is it your shop? https://ru.aliexpress.com/store/4523039 I want to make a purchase there, confirm that it is not a fake.

Antennas • Re: Ultra-WideBand Vivaldi Antenna 800MHz to 6GHz+

Yo, are you maybe selling these on ebay too?
The paypal button is kind of broken for me on tindie, and I'm not brave enough to share the credit card data.

Statistics: Posted by Airwind — Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:31 pm

Using a LimeSDR To Detect Aircraft Reflections from a 2.3 GHz Beacon

Over on his blog author Daniel Estevez has described how he's been listening to aircraft reflections from a 2.3 GHz 2W beacon. The beacon is 10km away from Daniels location and transmits a tone and CW identification at 2320.865 MHz. As aircraft fly nearby to his location Daniel was able to observe aircraft reflections of the beacon, and was able to match them with ADS-B position and velocity reports.

The hardware that he used was a LimeSDR and a 9dBi 2.4GHz planar WiFi antenna patch. By aiming the antenna away from the transmitter, and using his car as a shield to block the transmitter he was able to receive some reflections. Daniel recorded several reflections including one produced by a nearby car.

By combining his results with ADS-B data he was able to superimpose the results, and color aircraft tracks by either a negative or positive doppler shift which was observed from the reflection. By combining the ADS-B data with the time stamps, he was also able to mark the reflections from each aircraft.

Marking Aircraft Reflections at 2.3 GHz against ADS-B Data
Marking Aircraft Reflections at 2.3 GHz against ADS-B Data

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Custom 400-406 MHZ bandpass filter?

It's not easy to make a filter so sharp to attenuate a strong signal only a few Mhz away. You should try to increase the received signal using a Yagi and lower the rf gain.
Also try to play with the polarization of the Yagi to see if it helps to remove the interferences even if attenuating the received signal.

Statistics: Posted by m_a_x — Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:43 pm

User Projects • Re: How to assure the lf353n opamp?

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