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How to decrease noise in SDR? (NOAA reception)

How to decrease noise in SDR? (NOAA reception)

Hello. I have been kindly redirected here after posting about issues with my antenna in a different subreddit.

I have a simple V-dipole antenna, as seen in this article, however the signal strength and quality is far from what others with the same antenna have reported.

I tried receiving the data from NOAA satellites a couple times, and my best result looks like this:


As you can "clearly" see, there is a lot of noise and interference. At the time of recording this I took my laptop, the SDR and the antenna and went away from my town in an attempt to escape the interference, which did help a little, but maybe the main reason why this image is better than the rest was that I was holding the antenna in my hand, tilting it slowly as the satellite went over.

The article says that the antenna can be fixed and does not have to move, so I wonder if maybe there is something wrong with my design.

Also, the SDR is a cheap USB dongle from Wish.com, which came with a small screw connector, but I was forced to "hardwire" a larger coax connector to the SDR because I could not find a single place around me that sells that screw connector.

I did run continuity tests on the antenna and my bodged cable using my multimeter, and there is a connection between the antenna leads and the SDR's circuit board, so the cable seems fine.

What am I doing wrong?

I am completely new to this, and have no idea how to troubleshoot such problems, so my apologies if this is a stupid question.

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Lora site survey

Hi, I'd like to install a Lora gateway and nodes in a specific location.

I thought it would be a good idea to find out if the band used (905-915 ~ ) is crowded in the location. I'm a total noob with SDR and just got a nooelec.com dongle. I was able to install and listen to local FM radio and weather station.. since my devices are doing 'channel hopping' from 905 to 915 I'm not able to view the whole 'lora spectrum area' at once. and see if it`s used a lot in the area or not.

I'm curious what would be the proper way to create a good site review evaluation method with SDR Sharp or other tool .. any ideas ?

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Resources for University Antenna Project

Hi everybody,

I'm part of a senior projects team at a university. We're going to build our own parabolic dish for a feed that we will be buying commercially. The antenna setup is for a mobile ground station for our customer that will use an SDR and a tracking system to receive data from LEO satellites in the S-Band. We have all the specs from our customer such as frequency, required gain, etc.

We're all very new to RF in general. We are a little unsure how to approach things like the aperture efficiency or materials that will be good for the dish. Any resources you could recommend to get us started?

Additionally, can anyone tell us if an LNA will help with our dish gain?

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Comment on Unlocking Almost Any Vehicle with an SDR or Arduino by payment for information and training

ill pay anyone £250 to teach me how to unlock any keyless entry car for a business (locksmith) id pay more for people to make components for me also

Comment on Setting up and Testing Osmo-FL2K by pd1aef

hi ben,

The problem consists.. i use linux mint.
When i try to install on lubuntu it works right away.
Dont know why that is.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: No Device Selected Tried Everything Listed Everywhere to Solve

Got it working..

Had to use a different USB port. How stupid is that?

I have a G5RV 40 meter dipole about 100 feet up in a maple tree.. Time to see how this thing works with it.

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Hi friends I need to record the sound in the sdrsharp program for all new NFM frequencies…

Hi friends I need to record the sound in the sdrsharp program for all new NFM frequencies automatically when there is an activated frequency .. all frequencies in the (FTT) screen. (Automatic monitoring). Is there anyone who can help me? Thank you.

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Signal Identification Help • Unknow signal

Hi guys, i found this signal but i don't know what is it. Can someone help me?
Of course i have photo and mp3 record of signal.
Thank you in advance!
and here there is the mp3 file. i uploaded it on gogole drive so there aren't virus stay cool!! :D
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xvFNL7 ... sp=sharing

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Comment on New ADS-B Mapping and Decoder App for Android from FlightAware by Pikey Levey

I would be using my tablet without WiFi/internet connection whilst out and about

Are the map pre-built in?

Comment on Using an RTL-SDR to decode VOR Aircraft Navigation Beacons in Real Time by Priyasloka Arya

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