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First time poster. Driver install Issues

First time poster. Driver install Issues

I picked up a NooElec NESDR SMART bundle from amazon for use in a small project but I am running into issues. 3 Different Windows machines fail to see it, zadig does not see it on any of the machines (device descriptor request failed). and my linux install on my thinkpad does not see it (device descriptor read/64, error -71). Was thing thing just DOA or am I being a complete idiot?


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I just received my RTL dongle. Software is downloaded, but the dongle isn’t recognized in the USB…

I just received my RTL dongle. Software is downloaded, but the dongle isn’t recognized in the USB port.

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unknown signal at 72.620 MHz

I was dicking around, looking for pagers, and I stumbled across this signal. What is it?

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QFH Antenna (Should the braid of the coax be connected all the way to the RTLSDR?)

Hi Everyone,

I have made an QFH Antenna (around 137MHZ) with the help of tutorials and the jcoppens calculator. Now I'm in doubt about the coax connection.

I have been able to receive NOAA 15 and 18. I have made a video of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx7Q2BS499Y But the signal is not usable at all.

Wxtoimg can't do anything with it. It's more noise than the beeps you should hear.

I only got reception if it's above my head, mostly because the house is blocking the signal from the east side, but west of me it reached up to behind Ireland (if I correctly remember, maybe further). (I live in The Netherlands)

Now I have to say that the coax connection is not completly finished. As you can see in this image: https://imgur.com/a/nfptZe7 A female BNC connector still needs to be attached to the cable.

I have one that should be soldered(the pin, which is already done), but I can't lock it, probably im missing parts. Now I can pull the pin out of the connector if I assemble it.

But that's not the main problem(maybe related), I am wondering if the braid of an regular coax cable is connected to both connectors? Is it connected to the outer metal of the BNC connector?

I ask this because I realy don't know(im just following the tutorials and don't have much understanding of the inner workings of the antenna) if the braid that you see on the picture I mentioned needs to be connected all the way to the RTLSDR.

I'm thinking this because I have wired the antenna according to this diagram: https://sdrsatellitesounds.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/qfh-top-connections.jpg?w=600&h=338

Each larger and smaller loop should be connected together to the coax conductor and the braid respectively. A picture of my connection: https://imgur.com/a/R4iJtMC

Now only the conductor reaches the RTLSDR, I just plug the pin inside a male BNC connector.

Could that be the reason (that the braid is not connected to the other cable) that my signal is so bad?

I also need to mention that the length of the cable to the RTLSDR is at least 25 meters + (some that is fixed to the antenna and in turn connects to the 25 meter coax cable.). Is a LNA necessary is such case?

I think it's safe to say that is doesn't work probably right now, does it? (check the video)

Thanks for your help! :)



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Comment on Using an RTL-SDR to decode VOR Aircraft Navigation Beacons in Real Time by snn47

PS²: The variations in Depth of modulation vary between VOR and DVOR, and also for Id and Voice channel vary
-conventional VOR,percentage of amplitude modulation of the 9 960 Hz subcarrier shall not exceed 5 per cent.
– DVOR, the percentage of amplitude modulation of the 9 960 Hz subcarrier shall not exceed 40 per cent

(D)VOR voice channel
Ident tone 1020 Hz±50 Hz depth to which the radio frequency carrier is modulated of max. 10%, with Voice channel 20%,
and Voice channel 300 to 3000 Hz, peak modulation depth of the carrier max. 30 % AM

Other SDR Devices • Re: OSMO-FL2k windows binaries request

Have a look here https://github.com/winterrace/fl2k_win/releases

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: SDR — Bandwidth

An SDR does not have to be broadband. For reception of a single signal a low sample rate and say 24 bit Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) resolution could make a very good narrowband SDR receiver.
A wideband SDR needs an exceptionally good ADC to get really good reception.
Fundamentally there is not a lot of difference between a SDR and a conventional receiver. The display simply shows the signals present at the mixer/ADC and enables you to select one. However the display may well be too wide and you have to zoom in to make that easy.
After the mixer, or ADC, the software defined part takes over. Instead of a single channel IF/filter/detector all is done in software. With a wideband SDR some software programs can provide a number of different channels, all with individual filtering and detectors. The ADC sampling rate and performance of the computer make the limits.
By today's standards the RTL is not wideband, nor does it have a good ADC but even so produces quite good results.

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Presidential Alert Strangeness

During the presidential alert today did anyone by chance happen to catch the signal on an SDR? I got the alert right when I was pressing a button to show my active applications and it showed the alert as an application with a blue icon background, but when I checked glasswire today for my data usage no such application appeared. It just makes me wonder if it was triggered by an out of cell data and 2.4 GHz band signal, or if the companies are intentionally ignoring recording federal government applications data, or if the government just has the means of bypassing not only controls, but detection as well and that makes me curious. Any ideas?

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Comment on Spektrum SV Mod: RTL-SDR Spectrum Analyzer Software Now with Improved UI by John

Great work guys, especially solving the “Can’t open RTL-SDR Service” problem commented on your GitHub. That’s been driving me mad for months.
I notice the settings are saved to a csv file – be nice if you could add a way to save different settings to allow commmonly used ranges to be accessed quickly ?

Other SDR Devices • OSMO-FL2k windows binaries request

Hi, has anyone compiled Osmo-fl2k for windows and pretty please could they give me the binaries?


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