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Antennas • Re: Ultra-WideBand Vivaldi Antenna 800MHz to 6GHz+

I did not expect that! I'm speechless! Thank you very much, what a kind thing to do.

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Antennas • Re: Antenna combiner

Hi Snn47 .
I just read your last post and all that I can say is oh! Well I guess than go to plan B . use a RF switch , a lot of inputs and one output . MFJ sells them . .mfjenterprises.com

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Comment on ADALM-PLUTO SDR Hack: Tune 70 MHz to 6 GHz and GQRX Install by Robin Getz

The Zynq that is used is a “XC7Z010-1CLG225C4334”; this is a special single core version from Xilinx that was made before the single core Zynq parts were publicly/officially available. We continue to use that since it’s FPGA fabric & DSP slices are a little larger than the 7007 device (official single core version).

Some people have noticed that if you turn the 2nd core on, it is there, and works – but this isn’t something we encourage. or recommend. The power draw is a little higher, and it might exceed the USB spec of 500mA.

https://wiki.analog.com/university/tools/pluto/hacking/hardware is missing the 4334 suffix in the schematics and BOM – I will see if I can get someone to fix that.

Comment on ADALM-PLUTO SDR Hack: Tune 70 MHz to 6 GHz and GQRX Install by Robin Getz

yes – the ADI wiki does that (never really figured out why).

I use :


copy / paste from github seems to work better than the wiki.

Comment on KiwiSDR TDoA Direction Finding Now Freely Available for Public Use by gda

Hey… someone get on 7.200 mHz and clear out some of those fowl mouth CBer want to be HAMs.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: Overheating issue with usb 3.1

I also have a RTL-SDR v3 that gets very hot. The case isn't boiling (100C) but is too hot to comfortably hold. Last week I was using it to listen to local FM broadcast when it stopped processing signals; was showing nothing but static on SDR#. Thermal shutdown? I allowed it to cool, attached some simple heat sinks and it works now but still becomes quite hot.


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Всем привет. Наткнулся на такую штуку как Sdrplay rspduo 14бит. Ценник около 20к. В…

Всем привет. Наткнулся на такую штуку как Sdrplay rspduo 14бит. Ценник около 20к. В пользовании уже имеется sdr-rtl v3 и апконвертер 1.3. Будет ли заметное улучшение приема с Sdrplay? кто что думает

Would this antenna be good for playing around with?

I have the option to toss this in the trash or take it home. The frequency range on it seems to be pretty small so not sure if it will be any use.


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Antennas • Re: Ultra-WideBand Vivaldi Antenna 800MHz to 6GHz+

Hi Phil,

Got your order. As it's your birthday, I have packed 2 for the price of one. :ugeek:

Statistics: Posted by HighSNR — Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:36 pm

Comment on Using an RTL-SDR to decode VOR Aircraft Navigation Beacons in Real Time by Arnav Mukhopadhyay

This is not an academic paper, just a PDF report. The fluctuations are high because of electrical disturbances that increases heavily during evening time, which also results in degradation of even the commercial FM signal.
snn47 is correct (your comment is very informative, bad on my part), that this is DVOR with +-1 deg of error. If you are trying to contact me, take my mail id (gudduarnav at gmail dot com), with any suggestions or corrections.
Also I am updating the article with all the changes. It will take a few days to update the article.
By the way, as far as receiver design is concerned,both DVOR and CVOR detector seems to be the same, only -ve sign in detected phase.
Thanks snn47

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