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Considering the Airspy R2 for RX — pros, cons, similar-but-better?

I'm considering making a foray into the land of SDR... did some reading and it seems the Airspy R2 is the best for the money (I particularly want a reasonably wide bandwidth, good support for Windows, and fundamentally decent hardware).

The bandwidth appears to be 9 MHz which isn't ideal but seems like it'd be sufficient. I have no need to transmit (though perhaps someday I'd get licensed and explore that, it probably won't be anytime soon). It'd be nice to get USB 3.0 but that doesn't seem to exist at this price point.

Any pros and cons I should be aware of, versus other comparable hardware? The HackRF looks interesting but doesn't seem as well-regarded (particularly if you're just looking to RX). What else is competitive and well-regarded at this general price point, with at least the same or better bandwidth?

Note: The bladeRF devices look quite interesting, but what I'm reading suggests that for RX they're not necessarily better than the Airspy.

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HF Band

Is there a way to receive images on Hf band? I mean like iss is over 145 mhz.

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26.7MHz FM Music

I Googled a bit but couldn't find an answer, so forgive me if this is a very newb question.

I was searching around just below the 10 meter band and found a very, very strong FM signal at 26.7MHz that was playing FM radio, specifically a Christian radio station WAY-FM.

I searched around and the only thing I can find in that range is DRM for local broadcasts, but it has limited bandwidth. This is distinctly an FM broadcast of >160KHz bandwidth.

I'm wondering if this might be some sort of device the local church down the road has to pump music throughout the church?

I was wondering if there was some sort of frequency identification wiki, kind of like the signal identification wiki that tells you what kind of transmitters might be operating on a specific freq?


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Other SDR Devices • Re: HF= USB Cable

If I remember right, the HF+ draws about 380 - 390 mA, so you don't want to go very light on cabling.
In any case, Just try it and see if it works.

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Strange signal on 448.6750 MHz.

Anyone knows what this signal is for kind of data transmission https://instaud.io/1UaJ ?

Found on 448.6750 MHz in Sweden. Thanks alot!

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Other SDR Devices • HF= USB Cable

I just got an Airspy HF+ and am very happy with it. The only thing I would like to change is the large USB cable that came with it. Does anyone know if changing to a much shorter and lighter USB cable will degrade the HF+ output.


Statistics: Posted by Weavis — Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:03 pm

First MIL aircraft seen with ADS-B

Just now tracking a military aircraft. Funny that I'm only seeing it locally off of dump1090. I feed to fr24 but it's not showing there, (or any other online site I can find) . I'm assuming they censor any "sensitive" flights. Although I would think anything really secure would have ADS-B turned off .

Are there any tracking sites that don't censor? And if so, can I feed to them concurrently with fr24?

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Can’t change the device in SDRSharp

Greetings all, I can't seem to change the device in the settings box in SDRSharp, the Device dropdrown is grayed out. I have the latest WinUSB driver installed and RTL-SDR (USB) selected as the Source. Any thoughts? Thanks, Tim.

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Question about legalities

So I followed this tutorial and just got my RTL-SDR


Tracking Aircrafts isn't illegal? Is there no way I can get in trouble. I just want to confirm and none were popping up on my map. I live in USA and receiving at 1090mhz (obliviously!)


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Comment on Measuring Power Line Noise in the Neighbourhood with the RTL-SDR “Driveby” System by Jeff Kelly

Wondering if there is simple way to take a band noise sample every hour so I can document the noise level on a band over a month or more? In other words the noise level for 144MHZ is S9 (or the db equiv). Over time I will be able to get some understanding about the band noise.
I think rtf_power should be perfect for this.

Any suggestions?


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