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Antennas • Re: Ultra-WideBand Vivaldi Antenna 800MHz to 6GHz+

Shhh. I have a new antenna in the works.

https://hexandflex.com/2018/09/29/spira ... na-part-1/

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Ghost Signals? [FM]

So I was looking through bands around 27,000 kHz and I found an fm station. Please Help.

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Know any websites where I can find details or plans to build antennas?

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Hurricane Rosa from NOAA15 captured this morning

Hurricane Rosa from NOAA15 captured this morning submitted by /u/mecharedneck
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Meteor M2 09/29/18

Meteor M2 09/29/18

QFH/Preamp/RTLSDR V3/Asus Tinker


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Wxtoimg is not working

Hello! I have recently tried to receive images from NOAA 19. I tried to decode it with Wxtoimg and I get an image, but also get the error "Could not find matching pass". The file was generated by gqrx, and i resampled it with audacity. My Keplers are up to date, and my ground station is set. Strange is I used the same setup a few months ago, on another laptop, and it worked fine. Any ideas why i might get this warning?

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Comment on ADS-B Decoder dump1090 now Available on Windows by marslane


METEOR M N-2 in 80k mode?

I can't decode the signal of the Meteor sat anymore, even though I get a very healty signal. Am I doing something wrong or is it in 80k mode?

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Off-Topic • Re: Where do you buy these tiny aluminum enclosures?

Username wrote:
Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:26 pm
Mr Admin I would need some Metal Plates with the Hole.
So its possible to make an order with what that i need?
Do you mean just the side panels? We can't do custom orders sorry. We are only able to do orders in bulk, unfortunately singular custom orders are too difficult and time consuming for us to do.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Bobby Movie Mac

Give me a chance to place it in more straightforward terms, the writing in Race 3 is more regrettable than Jai Ho and even Tubelight. The performing artists could have just extemporized their lines while shooting and it would have still ended up being better. Bobby Movie Mac

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