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SDR NOAA 18 No signal

Please forgive me for i am but an SDR virgin just getting into the hobby.

I am attempting (with limited success) to detect the APT signal from the NOAA 15/18/19 weather satellites.

I have built both a Double cross and a V-Dipole antenna in an attempt to detect the signal, I have seen both designs work well when looking on various forums but am not detecting the APT(both omni and RHCP @ 137MHz) signal at any point while the satellite passes over head.

Instead i'm picking up a very strong signal that occurs seemingly at random, the signal is just below the 140 MHz mark at ~138-9 MHz, it i also a very low bandwidth ~ 100 KHz, and lasts about 3-0.5 seconds, the 'Tone' only occurs while the satellite is over the horizon, so I know that it is coming from the satellites. I have attempted to find out what this is signal is but cannot find any reference to it, to date i have detected this tone 5 time and have never detected the APT signal from any of the NOAA satellites. Note: with problem occurs with all types of antenna I have used

The antenna I am currently using is a V-Dipole ~5m above ground, the 2 arms at ~120* apart and facing north, I an using the RTL2832U SDR, the antenna is connected via 2m of 50 ohm coax with proper connectors. i'm fairly certain that the antenna is not at fault as its works when tuning to terrestrial radio.

I live in a rural location with little radio noise although it is a valley that obscured 10* to the south and 30* to the north

any help is appreciated, because I have almost no idea what i'm doing.

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What am I picking up on 461.6x FM? Hard to make out their words, and I am a noob as far as like killing the extra noise. Help would be tremendously appreciated.

What am I picking up on 461.6x FM? Hard to make out their words, and I am a noob as far as like killing the extra noise. Help would be tremendously appreciated. submitted by /u/beanman25
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Off-Topic • Re: Where do you buy these tiny aluminum enclosures?

Mr Admin I would need some Metal Plates with the Hole.
So its possible to make an order with what that i need?

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Signal Identification Help • Re: Qi wireless charging

Further update:

Apparently it is not the wireless charger that cause problems :(

I had a disconnect again even when it was OFF.

I'm leaning toward it being due to neighbor-interference instead.
They have been doing a lot of construction work in the room (a bedroom) just above where the SDR and antenna is placed, so perhaps they installed something like lights or a television or something else that may cause considerable EM-interference. I can't think of any other reason now.

Apartment-life really is not very compatible with this hobby.

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Comment on Aerial Landmine Detection using USRP SDR Based Ground Penetrating Radar by Anonymous

This is awesome. I can’t help but wonder what the flight time is like on this guy



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RTL-SDR Paves Way To Alexa Controlled Blinds

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Comment on New TETRA Trunk Tracker for use with SDR# and the TETRA Demodulator Plugin by Anonymous


TETRA Demodulator plug-in has been updated by me. “Tweaked Edition (Unofficial) v1.0.0.5” (tetra_x86_2018-09-11)
It’s is required for some SDS features to work with TETRA Tunk Tracker v1.0.5. Please read text files in zip for plug-in.

This plug-in version changes/adds and fixes some items:

FIXED .NET pop-up errors. Should no longer require “TETRA popup error dismisser’ is you use it.
ADDED: Increased some PDUs verbosity.
ADDED: Audio DSP – Bandpass filter and AGC
ADDED: Support for D_SDS_Data long location report. [Experimental]
ADDED: Support for D_SDS_Data Text Messaging. [Experimental]
Interval for displaying output to “Network Info” window.
See ‘SETUP.TXT’ and ‘UPDATE.TXT’ for more details.

Screen scraping logging : https://teknokoodiradio.vuodatus.net/lue/2018/09/sdr-tetra-plug-in-network-info-pdu-logger

Thanks for the add…

Thanks for the add...

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DEF CON 21 — All Your RFz Are Belong to Me

DEF CON 21 - All Your RFz Are Belong to Me submitted by /u/SquawkIFR
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