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Antennas • Re: Antenna combiner

I tried something similar, but with only 2 antenna-inputs.

It halfway worked, but not without issues.

The problem, simply put, is that the signals from the multiple inputs are mixed together and thus can null each other out on some frequencies.

So you may degrade reception.

But on frequencies where the setup resonates, you may get a slight boost.
It's not trivial, sadly.

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Comment on More KerberosSDR Passive Radar Demos by Corrosive

Super excited for something SDR based to hit the market with RDF capability. Hopefully you’ll have GPS functioning with it.

You’re going to make me drill another 4 holes into my car lol.

Signal Identification Help • Re: Qi wireless charging


It seems it was indeed interference from one of the wireless chargers that was the cause of the trouble.

I took one charger out of service for the day, and so far there has been no problems running the SDR.
(It's just one day of testing, so obviously a thin basis to really conclude anything on. But at least it points to the charger as being the cause. I will do more testing of this and hopefully a repeatable pattern will emerge)

I suppose I should try to find the frequency or frequencies the charger actually uses, although I'm not sure if I can (I'm not sure what to look for and I didn't find anything at the frequencies Google says are used by the Qi-WirelessCharging standard)

But I'm probably not the only one facing issues with this relatively new wireless technology.
As Pink Floyd might have sung it: "just more noise in the wall" :) (The noise-wall that blocks the signals we DO want to hear)

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I’ve written a toolkit for handling APT decodes

I've written a toolkit for handling APT decodes submitted by /u/Riley0143
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Antennas • Antenna combiner

Can i combine 4 or 5 different antennas using this? Linear 2534 Channel Plus 4-Way Splitter/Combiner

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000 ... BKXO&psc=1

one for FM, one wide band for GHz frequencies, one for Am HF, one loop, one MiniWhip.

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Comment on GammaRF: Distributed Radio Signal Collection and Analysis with RTL-SDR and HackRF by KD2CXZ

It would be great if the developers would consider open-sourcing the backend / server part. I’d definitely want to give it a try if they did as I prefer self-hosted solutions.

Off-Topic • SDR# TETRA demod plug-in Network Info capture to file

https://teknokoodiradio.vuodatus.net/lu ... pdu-logger

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Other L-Band LEO satellites to play with?

Other than NOAA 18, 19, and 15 are there any LEO satellites that downlink images around 1690?

submitted by /u/rg422
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Conventional P25

Ok, so i Recently got a RTL-SDR V.3. My OS is Mint 19 Cinnamon and just last night alone i installed OP25 from instructions provided by ( https://www.hagensieker.com/wordpress/2018/07/17/op25-for-dummies/ ) cause i wasnt able to do it from osmocom. My Area is Using Analog for The Fire Department and the Volunteers Fire Stations. but is using P25 Conventional for the County Sheriffs office. if possible and how. could i monitor the Fire Department and the Sheriff at one time and decome the Digital Signal. thank yall in advance!!

submitted by /u/King-Ghost-Ryno
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Comment on ADALM-PLUTO SDR: Unboxing and Initial Testing by Mohit Chaudhary

I have tried it with ip: as well as ip:pluto.local . My GNU radio does not seem to recognize pluto . It always shows context not found when I try to run a workflow.

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