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Comment on Connecting an RTL-SDR Panadapter to a uBITX Transceiver by cya

I like creative mess 🙂 but this is too creative

NOAA19 — Atlantic Canada + Hurricane Florence 14/09/2018

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RTL-SDR Driver Issue — RPi

Hi All

I've downloaded the latest Pi Stretch image and updated all inc firmware.

I've installed and used many RTL devices over the previous 4 years and have had little issue with set up...until today.

Clean OS. Usual install of drivers per:


All the usual blacklisting et al.

I run rtl_test and receive a usb_claim_interface error -6.

Strange. I check to ensure all blacklist devices are correct and reboot. Same issue.

OK. I reboot. Same. Then unplug and replug in the device without changing anything in the OS and rerun the rtl_test. Detected.


Same claim issue...until I unplug and replug in the device.

Two different RTL devices, Pro Stick and RTL-SDR v3.

Any ideas? Something happening on boot up not blacklisting or order of loading?

This is a clean installation and thus have no idea what's going on.

If I install and the Pi reboots, at the moment, the devices won't redetect until physicially unplugged and replugged back into the USB port.



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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #553

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Favorite pre-built PC

I'd like some suggestions for pre-built PCs and/or laptops that have worked well for directly connecting RTL-SDR devices without a powered USB hub. I believe this mostly means a well-powered serial bus, but I'd like your input.

For example, I've had great results using an old milsurp Dell Precision M6600, but I've struggled to use an HP Probook 650 G1. I'm looking to get something refurbished from ebay or elsewhere that is maybe a couple years old. I'm most interested in input for laptops because with a desktop I'll probably use a hub, but I'm looking to buy both a laptop and a desktop. Your thoughts?

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noob trying to use rtlamr

I just bought my first RTL-SDR and I am interested in using rtlamr to view my meters information, here it is: https://fccid.io/OZFACXX16

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here so any assistance is appreciated.

On debian I have rlt_tcp running and rtlamr connects fine. I set center freq 915000000 tho rtlamr reports I set it to 912380000. I then let it run tho the only output I see is on the rtl_tcp console window and its something like ll+, now 0-502 and repeat.

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Сотрудник интернет-магазина radiospy вышел на связь и добросовестно исполнил…

Сотрудник интернет-магазина radiospy вышел на связь и добросовестно исполнил свои обязанности по подготовке/отправке заказа FM режектор РеФ.88-108 без корпуса. Все честно.

Comment on Measuring the SWR of FPV Antennas with an RTL-SDR by Ray

If you are in the USA, these transmitters are considered illegal. Hobby King was fined a huge sum for selling them. They use frequencies that are not authorized for that kind of use.

Comment on Using SDR# and the Fast Scanner Plugin for Wide Band Scanning by ryoni

same here..

Signal Identification Help • Unknown Signal & It’s Use

Hello folks. Does any-one know what this signal is and is used for ? I cannot find any information on this one. Pic below and video on youtube here... https://youtu.be/vWYFwVw-itk

Unknown Signal.PNG

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