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How precisely does a GOES antenna have to be aimed?

I'm working on getting a GOES downlink and finally got my filter however I'm still getting a vit(avg) of around 2100-2200. I'm currently waiting on my tripod to arrive and until then I have the antenna (a wifi parabolic grid) screwed to a 2x4. I fucked up when screwing it however and the elevation is a bit too high. Should I be receiving anything or is the problem my antennas shitty positioning?

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Comment on RTLSDR-Airband V3 Released by Brad

Is there a Windows version? Or only a linux version?
Where can we download an executable version?

Comment on Showing what VOR and ILS Aviation Signals Look like in SDR# by Thom Davies

I am an HVAC and Solar Energy guy, and also a new pilot with an RV12. I recently built a Stratux ADS-B for my airplane which I use with my iPad. I have been amazed at the capabilities and performance of the Stratux. I’m now taking an ‘Instrument Navigation’ groundschool class, but have no VORs or an ILS in my airplane to practice with……..but why not? It seems to me that with the same Raspberry Pi3 and SDRs, it should be possible to have both VOR and an ILS in the airplane using my iPad. It would be great to have the software to program a Stratux box to do VORs and ILS instead of ADS-B and have that WiFi signal in the cockpit for a second iPad. What do you think?

Landfall! (NOT — corrected)

Landfall! (NOT - corrected)

Reposting to fix an error on my part. Landfall is tomorrow morning. Thank you for comments.

NOAA 15 QFH/preamp/RPI 3


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Troubleshooting Help • P25 DSD+ decoding

Hello, I have been trying to use DSD+ to decode some digital P25 phase 1 frequencies and running in to an issue. I have tried almost everything I could find on the internet over the last few weeks and I am unable to get this set up fully working. DSD+ is running and recognizing the P25 however it is not outputting any audio. Can anyone please give me some advice on what to try next?

I have attached an image of my current set up. Thank you for your help!!

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Comment on Manual Installation of SDR# by Tom Beattie

On Win2008 server I cannot seem to get the gear to open for device selection. Drivers install fine. Still can’t make it work. Been fiddling with this for days.



NOAA 15 just came in. 8:00 a.m.

QFH/preamp/rtlsdr v3/rpi 3.


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Troubleshooting Help • Re: V3 Bias Tee won’t turn off on Raspbian Stretch

I unplugged the V3 dongle from the RPi, shorted the SMA connector and verified it was reading 0v with a multimeter. I then plugged it into a running RPi running Raspbian Stretch. I measured the SMA connector without doing anything else and saw 4.5v across it. I then ran your bias tee software using "./rtl_biast -b 0" to try to turn it off. It printed "Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner" and then returned to the command prompt. I measured the SMA connector again and still had 4.5v across it.

Is this a dongle issue? Do you have any other troubleshooting suggestions?

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Hurricane Watch Net active

If you would like to listen in on hurricane reports you can use your dongle to receive either 7268 LSB or 14325 USB to listen to the Hurricane Watch Net. You can also connect to east coast SDR's on the web like SDR.hu 7268 lsb preferred.



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Comment on RadarBox24 Release their XRange RTL-SDR ADS-B Receiver by Tony

As soon as they lower the price about $600, I’ll buy it… Otherwise it is WAY too expensive.

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