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Comment on Detecting Pulsars with a Circularly Polarized Yagi and an RTL-SDR by Caleb G

This is fantastic work! I’ve been considering to attempt to try detecting pulsars using commercial products but I think I will just take advantage of my universities’ radio equipment. We have the National Weather Service on campus so they probably have way better radio dishes than I could ever build.

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Successeur du RTL blog v3


In a nutshell, what does an 'expensive' sdr do compared to a 'cheap' one? Does it receive weaker signals, is the sound quality better.
For example, on the hdsdr website, it says don't expect wonders from the rtlsdr v3 dongle (http://www.hdsdr.de/hardware.html).
I'm using the rtlsdr v3 dongle, an FM trap filter, an lna4all and a centerfire deluxe discone in the attic and l'm having great fun with it! I'm a bit disappointed with the direct sampling mode, but I think it's because I haven't got a suitable antenna (no results with a long wire in the attic). If I want to listen to HF, I use a websdr.
What do you get more with a sdr worth over a hundred dollars? Is it worth investing in an airspy mini or an rsp1a for example?
I'm waiting for your thoughts.

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Comment on Japanese RTL-SDR Products Now Available for International Shipping on Amazon.co.jp by Robert

Just in case anybody is interested AOR radio is selling a galvanic isolator on EBAY .

Comment on New Products in Our Store: Wideband LNA + Spare V3 Metal Enclosures by vsonnier

Congratulations @admin ! Now waiting for your wideband loop amplifier/antenna 🙂 because random wire is really terrible in town/flats here and I want to finally use my SDRPlay RSP2 below 30Mhz properly…

Comment on New Products in Our Store: Wideband LNA + Spare V3 Metal Enclosures by admin

It depends. If your RF environment has extremely strong FM signals that are strong enough to overload the LNA itself, then put the filter in front of the LNA. If it’s not overloading the LNA, put it after to reduce the filter insertion losses.

If you’re not sure, try with the filter after the LNA first, and if you don’t see any overloading issues (signal images etc), then leave it that way. If there are images, you need to put it before the LNA.

Any advice on LNA

hi there, so i am using a cheap LNA I got from China. (8 dollars or something) It really improves the signal detected by the SDR dongle.

An LNA like LNA4ALL is more expensive.. anyone have experience with both? Would buying me an LNA like LNA4ALL give me significantly better signal?

(I don't paying a bit more, but would think its a waste when I would get the same result as the cheap one)

thanks for any advice

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Comment on Grid-2-Audio: Analyzing the Mains Electrical Grid Waveform with a PC Soundcard by Max

Question to understand what the circuit is doing: what is the difference between using this interface and using a 2ch. low end pc oscilloscope ?

Comment on New Products in Our Store: Wideband LNA + Spare V3 Metal Enclosures by James

Thanks for your explanation.
Where is the best place to put the FM Trap filter? In between the antenna and the LNA or in between the LNA and the receiver? I’ve see both answers on the Internet. What’s your point of view?
Thanks for your help.

Off-Topic • Re: Where do you buy these tiny aluminum enclosures?

Hmm I still need the Size of thinks who should fit in.

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Antennas • Ultra-WideBand Vivaldi Antenna 800MHz to 6GHz+

Has anyone out there played with one of these? https://www.tindie.com/products/hagster ... z-to-6ghz/

I was wondering if it could be use with a dish for C band?

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