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Обзор — просто супер!!!

Comment on New Store Products: SDRplay RSP1A Metal Case Upgrade + Portable Antenna Set by CynicalTuner

I didn’t think SWR was important on receive only devices.

GOES16 transmission schedule

Is there a schedule for when GOES16 transmits data on 1694.1 MHz? I have nice, strong signals at 1680, but I don't always see data coming in on 1694.1. I am using a ZDA mesh dish made for 1700/2100 MHz, a Nooelec SawBird+ GOES and an NESDRSMArtTee. Software to view the signals is SDR#.



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Troubleshooting Help • Shift in Frequency Display

I’ve been using GQRX on my Mac connected to a RTL2832U SDR (using Realtek RTL in settings).

I listen on 2M to a local valley Net on 173.300.000 MHz. The other day I hooked everything up as usual but there was nothing on the Pandapter or Waterfall on that frequency. I scanned around for a strong Pandapter spike and shockingly, the local valley Net showed up on 148.300.400 MHz despite the fact they were still operating on the original freq. of 173.300.000 MHz.

Does anyone know what has happened to cause this to take place??? Has a setting somehow changed to cause this? Any help will be greatly appreciated…

Thanks in advance for any help in solving this issue.

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Using a dish for APT?

I currently use a 137.5 MHz QFH antenna/filter/preamp setup for receiving NOAA 18/19's APT, but recently got a roughly-1m satellite dish off of a friend. Would it be possible to replace the LNB from the dish (I believe it was a DirecTV Ka/Ku one) with an antenna suited for ~137 MHz to build a tracking setup?

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: BlazeVideo HDTV Player lack of video only TV sound

or VLC its a littlebit complicate to setup.

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Antennas • Re: HF Antenna for balcony

Does anyone tryed hiere any mini whip from ebay?
I will buy some Antenna to and sure I want "the best".

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Decoding DMR

I see you have "filter audio" on. :lol: deactive it.
you should turn other audio filter thinks also off.
Some people say you should turn "AGC" off but I leave it on.
You should also turn the un.... gain off!

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Troubleshooting Help • SDRSharp-Net-Remote

I will use https://github.com/EarToEarOak/SDRSharp ... e/releases
The "installer" add:
<add key="Net Remote" value="SDRSharp.NetRemote.NetRemotePlugin,SDRSharp.NetRemote"/>
to the Plugin tink.
And what happened? Nothing... the Plugin dont show up in the SDR# Software.
I use the 1668 Version.

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Antennas • Re: HF Antenna for balcony

Aussie Susan wrote:
Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:56 am
With a Mag Loop antenna, just be aware that you will need to tune them as you change frequency as they have a very high Q. If the antenna is on the balcony and you are operating from inside, this might be an issue.
This is certainly true for Tx (which I know you are not talking about) but it can be a bit wider for Rx - say 25kHz either side. Something to consider if you are after those week/long distance stations.
Also the tend not to be cross-band (because of the high Q) although some do provide this by various hardware jumpers on the antenna itself. Again another thing to consider if you will not be right next to the antenna when it is working.
There are several active wideband loops out on the market now that don't need tuning. They're RX only and quite expensive though.

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