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EFR32 SOC as a small SDR

EFR32 SOC as a small SDR submitted by /u/autumn-morning-2085
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Help improving NOAA 15 images

So i managed to grab some images this evening from NOAA 15 and NOAA 18:


Now, the NOAA 15 images have an issue with the map overlay being off. Is there any way to have WXTOIMG reprocess the wav file and correct the map position?

My location was not ideal, it was in my back garden with power lines and buildings in the way, either way they are the best images I've managed from the garden.

Used RTL-SDR v3 with RTL-SDR antenna in v-dipole setup.

submitted by /u/battletux
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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Decoding DMR


I managed it to work. I set input device in windows settings and now have sound.
My next problem is, laggy sound. works for sec or two and then breaks up. So I do not understand conversation.

I try to adjust gain and sampling mode to 1,8MSPS but result are the same.

Can you suggest what else can I do to successfully decode DMR?

Statistics: Posted by SloCharlie — Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:19 pm

Comment on Building a Tracking Mount for HRPT Weather Satellite Reception by Anonymous

Hello Timmy
to my defense I missed the part about modification. Thanks for clarifying this point.

Take care and have a great weekend

Comment on Browsing the UHF Satcom Band via SpyServer by Guillermo

30-300Mhz is VHF, not UHF. UHF is 300-3000Mhz

Comment on Helium: The SDR Based Cryptocurrency for IoT by Mark

I agree. Indeed, what the hell?!

Comment on Helium: The SDR Based Cryptocurrency for IoT by Greg

1) This is really a bit much
2) Weird how at least two of the replies here include superfluous anti-Semitism??

Comment on Helium: The SDR Based Cryptocurrency for IoT by Greg

wow that escalated quickly

Comment on RTL-SDR Easy HF Dongle Mod by ware deau

where do yo moms do be at?

My work today

My work today

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