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Здравствуйте Василий!

Хотелось бы спросить у Вас такие вопросы:

1. возможно ли подружить SDRSharp1361 с платой Arduino Uno R3, имеется ввиду управление частотой прослушивания между ПК (SDRSharp) и платой Arduino?

2. если такое возможно, то как это реализовать?

Заранее благодарен.

Comment on New TETRA Trunk Tracker for use with SDR# and the TETRA Demodulator Plugin by thewraith2008

Strange, as far as I know the installer for “net Remote” only copies the DLL file and modifies the “plugin.xml” file.

It worked for you that’s the main thing.

User Projects • Re: TETRA Trunk Tracker for use with SDR# and TETRA Demodulator plug-in

Thank you for that!.. I think it makes sense :)

Statistics: Posted by digiman — Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:56 am

In-band interference during NOAA 15 reception

In-band interference during NOAA 15 reception submitted by /u/vitusweb
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Comment on New TETRA Trunk Tracker for use with SDR# and the TETRA Demodulator Plugin by uniden355

After trying many times, the last attempt is installing net remote plugin with the original one from Ear To Ear Oak. After successful installation then net remote plugin appear on SDRSharp side bar, continue to exit the application and replace with supplied net remote plugin from TTT. Voila… it works perfectly. This can be happened when net remote plugin not yet installed before (fresh install of SDRSharp). Problem solved…

Do I nee an FM trap to get rid of this noise?

Do I nee an FM trap to get rid of this noise? submitted by /u/Jason_S_88
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Taking RTL-SDR through airport security?

Want to put mine in my carry-on (not going to actually use it in the plane). Has anyone had issues bringing the dongle and the stock antennas through a TSA checkpoint?

submitted by /u/intrinsicanomaly
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Fix Jaggered Lines in MMSSTV?

Fix Jaggered Lines in MMSSTV? submitted by /u/WarGamerJustice
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Comment on Simple NOAA/Meteor Weather Satellite Antenna: A 137 MHz V-Dipole by sdrexpoit

Update 7/30/2018 the website to download WXtoIMG has been restored.. The software for most platforms is available. Includes a working Professional Upgrade Key.

Special thanks to: adinbied

Comment on Tutorial on using RS to Decode and Plot Radiosondes by Mark Jessop

Auto-RX only supports DFMs and RS92/RS41s because it’s all we’ve been able to test with! I’d love to add support for other models of sondes, but it’s *really* hard to test detection and tracking without hardware!
(For instance, rs_detect seems to give quite a few spurious M10 detections)

As for multiple sondes – if you add more RTLSDRs it’ll track as many sondes as you have SDRs! I know there was a request for a ‘hopping’ mode which is in the pipeline still… All of us working on auto_rx do have full-time jobs, so things progress slowly.

What do you by local APRS? There is no local APRS output… what do you need in this regard? Remember, it’s open source and on github – raise an issue describing your problem, or submit a pull request with a solution to it!

For chasing sondes in the field, I’ve had a mapping solution (windows only) for ages – OziPlotter (https://github.com/projecthorus/oziplotter). The use of OziExplorer as the mapping application was mainly because all the topo maps for my area are in ECW format, and it’s a pain to read that in other applications…

Since I really want to get away from a windows-only solution, I’ve been working on a browser-based balloon chase mapping system: https://github.com/projecthorus/chasemapper/
That’ll take data from auto_rx, plots it, and also give you live flight path predictions, which makes getting to the landing site to watch the sonde landing much much easier!

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