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Comment on ARTEMIS: Free Signal Identification Software by rlwsdr

Hi Steven. Automated signal classification is a very tough problem and the solution is certainly not cheap. There are S/W packages out there that cost in excess of $10,000 per seat with mixed results in real-world environments. There are cheaper packages but they run in excess of $3,000. I don’t know how well they work.
Here’s my suggestion. Develop the skill to identify the signals yourself through both sight (spectrum and waterfall displays) and sound. Artemis will help out in that regard. For instance, I’d bet you can instantly identify FM, AM, USB, LSB, and CW transmissions just by looking at the spectrum/waterfall display.

Comment on ARTEMIS: Free Signal Identification Software by Timmy

The level of difficulty would be akin to hearing 1 second of speech and then correctly identifying the spoken language:
Afrikaans/Albanian/Amharic/Arabic/Armenian/Azerbaijani/Basque/Belarusian/Bengali/Bosnian/Bulgarian/Catalan/Cebuano/Chichewa/Chinese/Corsican/Croatian/Czech/Danish/Dutch/English/Esperanto/Estonian/Filipino/Finnish/French/Frisian/Galician/Georgian/German/Greek/Gujarati/Haitian Creole/Hausa/Hawaiian/Hebrew/Hindi/Hmong/Hungarian/Icelandic/Igbo/Indonesian/Irish/Icelandic/Italian/Japanese/Javanese/Kannada/Kazakh/Khmer/Korean/Kurdish (Kurmanji)/Kyrgyz/Lao/Latin/Latvian/Lithuanian/Luxembourgish/Macedonian/Malagasy/Malay/Malayalam/Maltese/Maori/Marathi/Mongolian/Myanmar (Burmese)/Navajo/Nepali/Norwegian/Pashto/Persian/Polish/Portuguese/Punjabi/Romanian/Russian/Samoan/Scots Gaelic/Serbian/Sesotho/Shona/Sindhi/Sinhala/Slovak/Slovenian/Somali/Spanish/Sundanese/Swahili/Swedish/Tagalog/Tajik/Tamil/Telugu/Thai/Turkish/Ukrainian/Urdu/Uzbek/Vietnamese/Welsh/Xhosa/Yiddish/Yoruba/Zulu

I’m not saying that it is totally impossible, but it could require recording of say a 15 second sample unknown signal in a specific format, then uploading that to a central server farm for analysis, and a table of probabilities would be returned to the client once the capture is fully analysed.

It would probably operate in a very similar fashion to the current music identification services, with a large central database.
e.g. http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~dpwe/papers/Wang03-shazam.pdf or https://laplacian.wordpress.com/2009/01/10/how-shazam-works/

Comment on ARTEMIS: Free Signal Identification Software by Steven Arkon

I agree, As an older HAM I don’t hear so good. All this digital sound all sounds the same to me. I need the air of telling me if the signal is RTTY or PSK31 is it THOR or FSQ or any number of flavers of data signals. HELP!! you programming gurus. I run all my HAM Radio SDR on Linux Mint. Please help out an old man. 73 Steven AA7YL

Signal Identification Help • Re: HF Signal like Radio!?

I mean is there some other Format or Standard than the Military one?

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Comment on PlutoWeb: Custom firmware for the PlutoSDR that enables you to Run OpenWebRX, dump1090 etc directly on the device by Mike

Wow – it worked. WBFM would be nice…. currently receiving ADS-B with no problems at all apart from the “for development purposes only” in google maps. One bug? Whenever I start the web server and click the kink, I get socket error and advised to refresh the page, then it works perfectly.

Comment on PlutoWeb: Custom firmware for the PlutoSDR that enables you to Run OpenWebRX, dump1090 etc directly on the device by Mike

Thanks – will try that on my spare pluto. How do I know when it’s done I wonder. When it re-appears in file manager I assume.

Looking for entry-level SDR (x-post from /r/amateurradio)

Don't know how to x-post with this new Reddit interface, so a blatant copy and paste.

So my SDRPlay apparently broke after 3 years of good use. I was always happy with it, but now that it's broken i am asking myself if there are good alternatives in the market.

This is my use:

- Mainly HF up until 6m

- Mainly as panadapter for a TS-590

- Mac user.

Any suggestions? Or should i just buy a new SDRPlay?

1st edit: What i read and hear so far is that the Airspy HF+ seems to be a "better" receiver than the RSP2. Better in the sense that the dynamic range is better. I don't really care that much about the dynamic range as such, however the video clips i see on YouTube show me a better and cleaner audio from the Airspy.

Problem is that there is such a big gap in the frequency range of the Airspy that i don't know if i will be missing out if i buy one.

Also, i don't seem to get clear what the bandwidth of the Airspy is. It seems to be something like 756kHz which is pretty thin compared to the 10MHz of the RSP2.

I keep reading. If only all the reviews were not that biassed and based on religion, one could make an easier decision.

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Comment on PlutoWeb: Custom firmware for the PlutoSDR that enables you to Run OpenWebRX, dump1090 etc directly on the device by unixpunk

The post you just replied to has the info..those files are in the plutoweb/images directory. Beyond that you’ll need to learn to fish and find a guide about how to flash those files. Either you’ll flash all 3 dfu files boot, pluto, u-boot (in order) with dfu-util OR you’ll drag and drop the 2 frm files into the pluto’s USB mass storage device, boot first, then pluto, ejecting the device between each.

As for an update to the image, yes likely will be within a week. Hoping for Twitch to make some changes to the webui to show some of the new settings I’ve added to the config.txt for openwebrx / sdr.hu and possibly also an initial install of leansdr / leantrx as someone has already requested. The newer files aren’t major changes, the current image works fine, as always, submit bugs via github Issues page. 🙂

User Projects • Re: TETRA Trunk Tracker for use with SDR# and TETRA Demodulator plug-in

D_Connect_Acknowledge is to tell the Called MS that it's time to through-connect.
This is only part of a call set-up process.

Many connections can be made with different combinations.

A call can be Individual (Simplex or Duplex) or Group (Simplex)
The plug-in can only play the simplex transmissions that SSI make via D_TX_Granted and D_TX_Ceased PDUs. I'm sure it ignores any duplex transmissions, That's why you sometimes see activity indicated but no audio.
It can be a little erratic with playing these transmissions.

With Duplex, the plug-in can't play two timeslots at once. (What a bummer.)
I'm not sure if duplex calls must be on same carrier or can be on different carriers or even different carriers on another LA. It stands to reason it would.

Any duplex calls set-up with "D-Setup" in my network are always "Not Granted" even though the call is actually taking place. I have manually verified this.
Because the plug-in doesn't output any usable info to make the connection, using TETRA Trunk Tracker to listen to duplex it is not yet possible. Not sure if plug-in is altering it to be "Not Granted" or if its sent that way as a protection trick?

All calls are (and should be) set-up with D-Setup PDUs. I found the stand alone plug-in hard to listen to because it was jumping from one timeslot to the next when more the one was in use. (because it only used D_TX_Granted and D_TX_Ceased PDUs)
Because of the nature of trunking you don't always see these D-Setup PDUs. These where probably sent on a different LA then the one you where listening too. You only see D_Connect.

Hopefully this helps. Ended up been a bit longer post then expected.

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Comment on PlutoWeb: Custom firmware for the PlutoSDR that enables you to Run OpenWebRX, dump1090 etc directly on the device by radiomaniac

Great, I just bought a pluto sdr, currently waiting for it to arrive. I think I will learn a lot with this. I need to read a lot to understand how it works and how to operate it etc.

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