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Comment on Quick Start Guide by Hugh

I will try the instructions when I get home. It would be nice to have an ibvious link to thus if it does,work. So nany peopke assume that we all have done c compiling and builing so often that it is second nature..

КВ конвертер в блочном варианте….

КВ конвертер в блочном варианте.

WXtoIMG Restored (Again!) — This should be the permanent link going forward

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Comment on Archiving Shortwave History with Software Defined Radio by Aaron Kuhn

These talks were recorded and it looks like the Internet Society is still slicing up the largish videos into smaller chunks.

For now you can find Tom’s talk at around 9h03m45s on the video at:

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Something like this : https://github.com/cjcliffe/CubicSDR/wiki/Build-Linux

Archiving Shortwave History with Software Defined Radio

Broadcast shortwave radio is not always archived for long at the station, so finding sound bites from interesting historical events can be difficult. We know that songs are of course recorded, but talk back radio, discussions in between music, news readings, weather updates and ads are all lost over time. Although these things may seem mundane now, future historians may be interested in listening in on this little slice of life.

At this years HOPE XIII conference, Thomas Witherspoon, owner of the popular SWLing Blog gave a talk titled "Creating a Radio Time Machine: Software-Defined Radios and Time-Shifted Recordings". We're not sure if the talk was recorded as it hasn't been released, but Hackaday were at the conference and recently ran an article on the content of his talk.

Thomas' idea is to create a database of shortwave radio IQ recordings so that they can be archived for historical purposes. The project is called "The Radio Spectrum Archive" and has a website set up at spectrumarchive.org. To do this modern software defined radios like the RTL-SDR can be used to record a large bandwidth, however the problem is with data storage as IQ recordings can take up extremely large amounts of disk space. 

Interestingly, it turns out that people have actually been making IQ recordings since the 1980's by connecting their shortwave radios to VCR tape recorders. In the modern day these VCR recordings can be digitized into an IQ file, and played back in software like HDSDR. In the video below Thomas demonstrates the playback of a digitized VCR radio recording from May 1 1986. You can hear some interesting news tidbits on the soviet cover-up of Chernobyl, the Challenger disaster and the launch of a new hurricane tracking satellite. If recording was more popular it would have been interesting to hear soviet radio during this time too.

In addition to archiving IQ files, Thomas has been releasing a podcast of curated historical audio recordings from VCR tapes, as well as modern recordings that may be of interest over at shortwavearchive.com.

We envision a future where one day these recordings could be automatically turned into text logs via advanced speech to text software, so they could easily be searched through.

[Also seen on Hackaday]

Radio Spectrum Recordings: A short demonstration

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Добрый день!Подскажите, никто не знает открытых источников обновляемых…

Добрый день!
Подскажите, никто не знает открытых источников обновляемых сырых данных(RAW, hrpt...) от NOAA*, MetOp*, METEOR, AQUA, TERRA, NPP, JPSS-1(NOAA-20).
В лучшем случае находил уровень L0(распакованные по сенсорам данные и то не на все аппараты).

Интересует фото платы, если не затруднит — сфотографируйте и покажите. Писал продавцам, никто не захотел присылать фото …

Klen10 пишет:
Интересует фото платы, если не затруднит - сфотографируйте и покажите. Писал продавцам, никто не захотел присылать фото платы :) донгл пришёл. Всё как на фото, вот плата внутри: ФОТО термокомпенсиро...
читать полностью...
Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #551

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Signal Identification Help • HF Signal like Radio!?

I found many Signals on <30Mhz who Sound like like the Digital Radio: https://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/DRM but the are much less Bandwith. The use ~3khz Bandwith. The Sound like some QAM,OFDM Modulation.
Does anyone have an Idea what that can be and how to decode under Win?

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Comment on An Opensource Mini-Whip Antenna and Upconverter Design for RTL-SDRs by Adam

If I do remember well, the antenna on Twente websdr is placed on top of the uilding where the roof is flat and completely covered with the metal sheet. This brings another dimension to this antenna but comparing it to the proper wire antennas is out of the question.

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