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Antennas • Re: Discone antenna

please note the have quite no amp! When I compare my Discone and the cheapest 433mhz Antenna quess who win? sure the 433 Antenna. :o

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Comment on Setting up and Testing Osmo-FL2K by Simon

No, it isn’t, because you need at least USB3.0 in order to do this. On RPi you could use square wave rpitx (a capacitor and 3-stage LC bandpass filter should be enough before a LNA), or buy a Pine64 or a ODROID XU-4 – two cheapest USB3.0 SBCs.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: NooElec NESDR Smart on RPi 3B+ How to ?

Please note a Pi is creation huge amount of RF noise!!!
In my case it was total impossible to use them! I through them all into the garbage bin. :evil:

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Signal Identification Help • Re: Baofeng signal

I use SDR# for. Set: NFM and 12,5khz Bandwith. :D

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: RTL2832U v3 install problem (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

Do you use a short usb cable?
Does the Stick work on an other pc?

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Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: POCSAG Pager Decoding by Gerry Tweedie

What does ‘Tone Only’ under Messages signify?

Anyone successfully using the DSD_TCP plugin for SDR#?

Link to the plugin:


I have been unable to get it working. Every time I activate its output it properly launches DSD+ (with the correct settings for TCP port and output audio device) and then SDR# immediately crashes.

I've tried the latest and also an older version of SDR# with clean installs and I've tried it on two different PCs with same results, SDR# crashes every time.

Anyone have it working currently?


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Off-Topic • found: 12V, 24V USB Power!

https://www.delock.de/produkte/S_89655/ ... anguage=en

Search there for: "PoweredUSB" for Cable and other Card,
Maybe someone here could use the 12V for some usefull. :D

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N3wb question (x posted from /r/SDR)

Hey all, I'm a complete N00b when/where it comes to SDR. I have a pair of RTL's and about a day's worth of experience when/where it comes to Airspy's SDR sharp and Unitrunker.

I'm interested in following a local trunked radio system, but don't want to follow the WHOLE ^%#$ thing....just a handful of specific talk groups.

Is/are there any plugins, programs, apps, or whatever that I can set up similar to a hardware scanner so as to just have a memory list of the TGs i'd like to follow/scan?

Thanks in advance!

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Signal Identification Help • Baofeng signal

a my friend is trying his new baofeng some km from my home, i'm able to detect it in GQRX but i'm unable to listen it talking...
What's the way to decode and listen the baofeng Tx audio signal?
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