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Comment on SDRSharp Users Guide by Brightnoise

You are using a confusion name. Why?

Comment on SDRSharp Users Guide by Brightnoise

After installation of the Zadig driver you can run the version that you want. No need for un-install: just select the version that you want. Different subdirectories for different versions! I use more and newer versions and still prefer version 1631. Brightnoise

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Troubleshooting Help • Display Active Frequency ?

I am using a IF TAP PANADAPTER BOARD from KD2C. The board enables me to tap into the First IF of my Kenwood TS-450SAT.

The IF Freq. is 73.05.

When using v3 of the SDR Software ( https://www.sdr-radio.com/Software/Version3 ), the receive frequency has to coincide with the IF Frequency in order that the program works in my scenario.

https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share ... yGdK4imdk0
Freq 1.jpg
Other users of v3 are able to display the active frequency (the frequency displayed on their transceiver) where the DB Indicator is located. In the picture where you see -104db.

Try as I might, I have been unable to display my active frequency.

Can anyone advise how this is done ?

Statistics: Posted by Logit — Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:22 pm

Comment on SDRSharp Users Guide by Craig E Newby

Is there a way to update to latest revision of SDR# from an earlier (.1637) without doing a fresh install? I was hoping to retain all the settings, specifically freq.mgr . Thanks, Craig

Slightly flaky dongle fixes?


I seem to have the dreaded 820T overheating problem.

Symptoms: runs fine for a while as many others mentioned but glitches and drops out eventually and USB drops out completely on really bad days.

Seems to depend on ambient temperature but even with a solder blob on the back it still gets hot so pretty sure its going to fail eventually.

has anyone managed to do an upgrade to an 820T2 or is this not going to work even with an eprom reflash?

I have done all the other recommended patches such as adding inline 220uH inductor, upgrading capacitors, adding crystal compensation diode and replacing the AMS1117 regulator but might try changing the D6 as it has a Vf of 0.56V which could be a problem wrt latch-up as others have mentioned.

Incidentally the problem on this particular dongle was present from the first time I used it with no patches/mods but it did seem to be fine a month ago.

Any ideas please?

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Comment on Tutorial: Setting up a Low Cost QRP (FT8, JT9, WSPR etc) Monitoring Station with an RTL-SDR V3 and Raspberry Pi 3 by Pepè IT9YBG

I partly solved my problem with FT8 mode. I increased the string to the value of -3: pool 2.debian.pool.ntp.org iburst offset -3. Now the DT of the received signals is almost zero. The FT8 mode is now ok. I relaunch WSJTX with only WSPR mode (1 instance only) and, with the same settings, I do not see any wspr transmitting stations, even though the signals are strong in the waterflow. The HF antenna is a 20-meter rotating dipole and a 40-meter dipole antenna. Tips? Do you think that JTDX is more sensitive in WSPR? Thank you

Подскажите, что это так мощно вещает левее метеора?…

Подскажите, что это так мощно вещает левее метеора?

RTL-SDR Discussion • SDR Touch Live App Is Crashing Continuously

hey guys
I am facing continuous crash in the sdr touch app in my Samsung Galaxy s*.
It all began after i upgraded from Android 7.0 to Android 8.0 and this has been really irritating for me.
I really love this app and i rebooted the phone but even that didn't fix this issue.
Please help :|

Statistics: Posted by ujjainsharma — Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:03 pm

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: RTL-SDR may burn a phone

Thats most unfortunate.

I've seen the latch-up "feature" on my old dongle before but usually this just causes it to go wonky and stop receiving over 1 GHz, sometimes works better on USB3 than USB2 (far more stable) maybe regulator dropout?
I would be intrigued to see the damage on your board as it can sometimes be a bad USB connector: changing it can fix the problem without replacing MB.
Also replacing the regulator is a well known method of repairing dead phones and I am in the process of doing this on a completely dead Samsung J3? (smaller than an S3 Neo) here as they want the data off it ideally.
Incidentally :mrgreen: some Note x phones are known to have glitches with large pendrives leading to data corruption (2 casualties
so far) and could be battery voltage related.
Can you use a bare IC as I have a pile of defunct phones here so it could be worth a transplant from a known good board with a different fault.

I can be contacted on here but am on Reddit as well with same username.
Kind regards, 802701

Statistics: Posted by Conundrum1859 — Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:46 pm

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