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Comment on KiwiSDR TDoA Direction Finding Now Freely Available for Public Use by KiwiSDR

They’ve been happening regularly every 4-6 weeks. One just happened June 27. You can signup on their site to receive an email notification. On the first day of a new drop I also make a comment on this thread: http://valentfx.com/vanilla/discussion/700/save-money-on-another-kiwi-or-tell-a-friend-kiwisdr-is-now-available-on-massdrop-com-100-off-msrp#latest

Last drop seemed to sell-out within two days (the drop offering period is normally 7 days). The drop terms specify “limited quantities” but they don’t say how many. Last time we worked out it was about a dozen. So you have to work a bit to get your $100 discount. I think they have all these limitations because they sell so far under MSRP.


I wondered if anyone knows-of/has any AD FMCOMMS1 boards? They have been obsoleted but are more suitable to my needs than the fully integrated transciever FMCOMMS boards. I have two on-hand but I would like spares or units to dedicate to projects.


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[Help] Have a few questions before diving into this….(SDR) (X-Post r/raspberry_pi)

[Help] Have a few questions before diving into this....(SDR) (X-Post r/raspberry_pi) submitted by /u/Squad508
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Antennas • Re: Discone antenna

Yes you can use any antenna you like. Just remember that discones are wideband, so they have no natural preselection. If you have very strong out of band signals coming in that can cause overload problems.

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Comment on KiwiSDR TDoA Direction Finding Now Freely Available for Public Use by AD5NL

Definitely would like to see a Massdrop soon.

Why not yet have an imsi cacher in sdrsharp plugin

Why not yet have an imsi cacher in sdrsharp plugin

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RTL-SDR Discussion • 10 feet / 3 meters USB extension cord

Can a safely use 10 feet / 3 meters USB extension cord or will it cause problems? I want to use it in between my RTL-SDR dongle and my Raspberry Pi running rtl_tcp. My fear is it will generate buffer overflows.

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Antennas • Re: Discone antenna

I don't see why not. You will need an appropriate adapter as the antenna has a type-N connector while the rtl-sdr has SMA. If you plan to use the antenna on a roof with a longer coax cable, consider adding a LNA in between the long cable and the antenna.

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Help using GNURadio with PlutoSDR

I am trying to set up a the PlutoSDR with GNURadio for a demo. The goal is to integrate hashing into the PlutoSDR, but for the demo I just need to do something relatively simple like streaming a video from one to the other. The issue I'm running into is that the data being received is not the data being sent. Even just trying to transfer a text file results in getting a huge file of junk data.

I followed the steps given here https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-software/gnuradio but cannot seem to get anything working as expected. Does anyone have any ideas? I've spent a while searching Google for something like this, but so far nothing I've found works. My current implementation looks similar to the one used here http://wiki.oz9aec.net/index.php/Simple_DVB_with_Gstreamer_and_GNU_Radio but I suspect the issue is related to the PlutoSDR sink and source behaving differently in some way from what they used here. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Engineer’s Motto: If it isn’t broken, take it apart and fix it.

Engineer's Motto:


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