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FM Scosche Radio Adaptor for playing music in car

I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this, however I have a radio adapter so I can play my music in my car. It usually works great, however sometimes picks up some static. When I put my hand on the adapter itself, the static clears. If I take it off it comes back sometimes. Is there something I could wrap around the adapter or put on it to prevent interference?

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Max bandwidth query


I am learning how works RTLSDR and I have some problems of compression about it. The first one is the max bandwidth that can accept the dongle. I know that the ADC can assume 2,4 MSps (or 3,2..), that means that can work with signals of 2,4 Mhz bandwidth (is quadrature so doesn’t need to fulfil Nyquist). Well, the question is which bandwidth is the one who I have to look, the max frec of the baseband signal or the bandwidth of the signal in the frecuency domain (is dependent of the modulation used)?

The second one is about the tuner. Has the tuner something to say in the bandwidth? I understand that has direct impact in the frec range but don’t know in bandwidth.

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Troubleshooting Help • Installation Woes

Using the RTL-SDR 2832U dongle. Have it connected to my 1st IF of a Kenwood TS-450SAT and via cable to my computer
via a USB port.

Windows recognizes the dongle.

SDR# is the only software that comes close to recognizing the dongle. The first time installing and selecting a radio I was able to utilize the "Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)" selection. However, the display never showed actual receive from the TS-450. It only displayed normal 'background noise' which apparently was not coming from the xcvr.

I uninstalled everything .. rebooted - reinstalled from scratch. This time the "Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)" did not display as an option. I chose SDR-Dongle(USB). Installation was a success but the results were the same as before.

I am running Win 10 / 64 bit. Used the 64bit version of SDR#. Out of curiosity I tried installing the 32bit version but Win 10 stops the installation due to incompatibility. Tried running the 32bit install as Administrator .. same result.

I was using the dongle and software previously for a number of months without issue. Then my computer threw a hissy fit and it was necessary to clean the hard drive and reload the operating system and everything else. Since then, anything to do with the SDR-RTL doesn't cooperate.

I am out of options. Does anyone have any ideas ?

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Software Defined Radio | meteo

RTL-SDR Discussion • My 2 cents Re: need to relocate RTL-SDR away from computer

Imho there is a difference between
- an USB cable not working for Data transmission and
- an USB cable having to high resistance on the power lines in the USB cable to supply the min. input voltage needed to let the Dongle operate.

A general note: In practice USB cables/hubs/extensions may (or not) work for one product while it may work with another product. As soon as you add active USB decices like hub chips you add another possible source for problems.

You can test your cable by adding an ext. powered USB Hub before the Dongle to supply it with power, If it works you know it is not the cable Data lines, but high resistance on the power lines.

If you dont's like the USB hub, there are active 10 m USB cables (I even saw a 15 m once) that can in theory be cascaded, however as soon as you add active USB decices like hub chips you add another possible source for problems

LAN extensions may be another option you may consider testing as alternative.

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Signal Identification Help • Sensus iPerl RF Signal

Hi Radio Gurus,

I am new this topic and recently purchased RTL-SDR, excited to use it. I am from Software background.

I have a new water meter which using Radio network to emit pulse details I want to read it to create a dashboard to watch on usage :) via it's FCC id I came to know which range it uses but not sure how to use it to identify which range it is out of given ranges and how to read the data it emits?



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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: need to relocate RTL-SDR away from computer

Art, you might notice that radio telescope antennas are not located adjacent to their computers. :roll:

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Comment on Quick Start Guide by Andrew

I installed the software with no problems, but when I click on “Play” I get the error message “Cannot access RTL device” …. Please help.

Comment on New Product: RTL-SDR Blog 1090 MHz ADS-B LNA by JohnnyBravo

Specs say: “In the LNA signal path there is first a low insertion loss high pass filter that reduces the strength of any broadcast FM, TV, pager or other similar signals that are usually extremely strong”

What exactly is the insertion loss of this high pass filter?


И правда куда пропал продавец??…

И правда куда пропал продавец??
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