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SDR filter v 1.0

SDR filter v 1.0 (00:06:06)

Software Defined Radio | meteo

SDR filter v 1.0

SDR filter v 1.0 (00:06:06)

How do I pick up TV signals?

It would be cool to watch local tv with my SDR, I want to watch WTIU which is my local PBS (584 Mhz).

I have a windows PC (Although I can use a virtual machine to run Linux if I need to) and a RTL-SDR.com dongle with the long antenna it came with.

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A bit of a beginner question but if .dat files are being transmitted at a rate of 1 file a second, how can I use an RTL-SDR to receive and store them on my PC?

A hackRF is transmitting .dat files (from a few feet away at 440MHz) that are actually base64 encoded images, i have an rtl-sdr and would like to receive those images on my laptop, but unfortunately i'm a bit of a beginner to SDR and so i don't actually know how to receive each file and store it, thanks.

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: trouble with setting up my dongle

I am new to SDR,and found that the information given was very helpful,
thank you

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вообщем группа мертва…

вообщем группа мертва

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: SDR# scanner plugin

I'm using the scanner plugin from Frequency Manager Suite and it does work very well but not for long. It works for about a day, sometimes two, finding real frequencies but then something happens and it is still scanning but it doesn't find real frequencies anymore, it just finds static and garbage. To fix this I just have to unplug the device from a USB port, plug it again and the scanner will work again for another day or two. I have my dongle cooled really well so we can rule out overheating in this case.

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Comment on Tutorial: Setting up a Low Cost QRP (FT8, JT9, WSPR etc) Monitoring Station with an RTL-SDR V3 and Raspberry Pi 3 by Pepè IT9YBG

I did everything on Raspberrypi2. The CPU works around 30% receiving only FT8. But I receive a few packages, the reception is very hard. I have also played with chrony but I receive little even the FT8 signals are present. In WSPR no decoding with signals present. Some idea?

Signal Identification Help • Re: Where is CW Signal Coming From?

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Finally managed to get a nice picture of Europe [METEOR-M N2]

Finally managed to get a nice picture of Europe [METEOR-M N2] submitted by /u/GumGum9000
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