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Comment on Direct Sampling Mode with No Hardware Modifcations by willie odom

ok how do you get it to work i replace the dll, and it say no radio no bandwidth….. what am i missing…..

Comment on Exposing Hospital Pager Privacy Breaches by Timmy

Idioms, even.

Comment on Exposing Hospital Pager Privacy Breaches by Timmy

Put the following into a search engine of your choice:
“Reach out to” idiom
Idiom are part of the English language. Which is probably the most confusing part to non native speakers:
Far cry from
Hit the Hay
Cross that bridge when you come to it

Comment on Exposing Hospital Pager Privacy Breaches by Old_Fart

Next week’s topic will be about a Cap’n Crunch whistle, and blue boxes. Keep that dial tuned to 2600….

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: SOLVED! Linux, install, tv device stopped working, help?

Larry et al,

Linux Mint supports Synaptic Manager. You might have to blacklist the stock driver.

But, from Synaptic, search for gqrx and mark it for installation. It will download all drivers and many utility programs and related files-I think there was around 160 different packages and lib files. But, when it's done installing (and it takes awhile), simply start gqrx and select your particular RTL-SDR from the drop down box.

It's plug and play, no manual configuration needed. I use Ubuntu (actually Xubuntu) and I've never had the Synaptic Package Manager fail to produce a working gqrx install.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: LF antenna and ampflication. How?

To answer the OP's question, an RTL-SDR will do the job. BUT-it's a wideband device, susceptible to overload and non linear responses to out of band signals. You'd have to use the mother of all bandpass filters on the antenna input to the RTL-SDR.

You would also need a computer, which is not trivial in terms of power usage and space needed for the whole system.

An RFID tag has a very small and inefficient antenna, which limits it's range severely. Achieving longer ranges at 125 KHz is easier said than done.

As was pointed out by others, build a simple converter with a few chips, it will run on just a few millamps and will provide much better sensitivity, and more importantly....better selectivity.

There are specialty jfets and bipolar transistors that provide very nice noise figures from audio up into the 1 MHz range.



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Comment on Exposing Hospital Pager Privacy Breaches by Talksense

“They reached out to the hospital in question” Does he mean they contacted the hospital or was it an attempt to grab someone by the throat? What sort of BS language is this?

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: SDR# scanner plugin

There are several youtube videos showing the scanner operation with the RTL-SDR. It DOESN'T WORK well, for technical reasons associated with the multiple pll design needed to change frequency over a wide frequency range. Each of the PLL's needs lock times and data transmission to the digital electronics is inhibited until both PLL's are locked.

Many hams use similar technology and note that even a small change in frequency 'skips', so even with a rotary encoder they can't tune the band without interruptions in the audio output of the RX.

Additionally, the number of milliseconds it takes to gather enough samples would also make a squelch very slow.

If the RTL-SDR had a DDS instead of a clock multiplier chip, it would be capable of large local oscillator excursions in just a few microseconds. They cost more $$ and the power they use is prohibitive.


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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: rtl-sdr CHEAP

It's cheap because of Intellectual Property Theft by the Chinese.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Will the RTL-SDR work for digital frequencies?

W5DXP hit the nail dead center, kudos!

Heed his words.

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