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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Virtual Radar Server ADS-B

Thanks for the reply.

What software would you recommend?

I would really like to get Virtual Radar Server working if possible.

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So are RTLSDR prices going up tomorrow?

So I use and buy a lot of dongles for several home projects. With the new tariffs am I going to need to pay more for my dongles soon?

How does it work, will I need to pay tariffs when the parcel arrives at customs? Or are the retailers going to put the prices up? I noticed that Newelec already put their prices up. RTL Blog is still the same price, and so are the regular ones from China sellers.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Virtual Radar Server ADS-B

Do you want share your Data?

If you want use and different Software I could help you with the Settings.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Virtual Radar Server ADS-B


I'm following the tutorial in the office book regarding setting up ADS-B using dump1090 and Virtual Radar Server. I'm using the V3 Dongle.

Everything works perfectly (I'm quite close the Gatwick and Heathrow so can use the included short antenna). The only problem I have is that the book tells me to select 'AVR or Beast Raw Feed', but I can only get any results if I choose 'BaseStation' as the format.

What am I doing wrong?

Please let me know if you want anymore details?

Thanks in advance.


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Other SDR Devices • Re: HackRF and USRP B210

That signal on your HackRF is just the DC spike, not a real signal.

Try simulating the flowgraph first, e.g. http://aaronscher.com/GNU_Radio_Compani ... ecode.html

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Off-Topic • Re: SDR# Plugin Manager Suite RELEASED


I am planning a vacation from work soon, so I should have the time to complete this for you then. Sorry for the long delay.


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Off-Topic • New FFT analyzer for SDR#

Hello Everyone,

I am in the process of working with the beta testers - especially Terry who requested a custom FFT for the Side Band listeners.

Screen shots for reference:
Basically it is a set of IF and Audio frequency analyzers that have been customized with the following features:

- The ability to change the tuned frequency by dragging the analyzer window left or right.
- A set of dragable markers that can be used to measure both frequency spans / points and decibel span / points on the analyzer.
- The ability to pause / resume the analyzer display arbitrarily (can auto refreshe the paused screen on frequency changes or detector changes or offset changes)
- Custom & accurate Zoom for both IF and audio frequencies
- The ability to change the color of the analyzer spectrum (>red, orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, gray, default, multi-color)
- Dragable value markers
- The ability to turn marker span and marker highlighting on and off.
- the ability to individually control the frequency span and decibel span markers visibility.
- A center frequency marker that can be turned on or off
- A control tool bar on the spectrum analyzer to control the options of the analyzer
- The ability to show the frequency marker values in Hz or Auto scale (>Hz,kHz,MHz,GHz)

I am currently working on peak hold for the fft display which I should have done shortly.

My question is this:

Does anyone have and comments / suggestions or requests that would make this plugin more useful?

I would love to have your feedback.



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Продавец, хочу заказать кое что , ответьте в ВК пожалуйста…

Продавец, хочу заказать кое что , ответьте в ВК пожалуйста

Comment on Exposing Hospital Pager Privacy Breaches by Bendail Vam

You did, you are and it’s 7-11 in a federal pokey and no we won’t be fedexing you any cut off saw blades in cakes. See you in (with time off for good behavior) oh, about 5 years.

Exposing Hospital Pager Privacy Breaches

It has been a known open secret that for years many hospitals have been transmitting sensitive patient data over the air completely unencrypted via their pager network. With a simple ultra cheap radio such as an RTL-SDR, or any other cheap radio scanner such as a Baofeng, it is possible to eavesdrop on this sensitive data with very little technical knowledge required. Hospitals appear to be reluctant to upgrade their systems despite clearly being in violation of HIPAA privacy regulations in the USA.

Recently, @WatcherData has been trying to bring attention to this ongoing security breach in his home state of Kansas, and last month was able to get a news article about the problem published in the Kansas City Star newspaper. Over on Twitter he's also been actively documenting breaches that he's found by using an RTL-SDR to receive the pager messages.

Interestingly, publicity generated by @WatcherData's newspaper article has brought forward a hostile response from the hospital in question. Over on Reddit /r/legaladvice, a forum where anyone can ask legal advice questions, @watcherdata posted the following:

I discovered some time ago that hospitals throughout my region of the US are sending messages to physician pagers that include the name, age, sex, diagnosis, room number, and attending physician. These can be seen by anyone with a simple RTL SDR device, and a couple of free programs.

This seems like a massive HIPAA violation. So I contacted the main hospital sending out most of the information, and they were extremely grateful. I got a call within a day from a high level chairman, he explained their steps to remediate, that their auditors and penetration testers missed it, and that they would have it fixed within a week. Sure enough, they started using a patient number and no identifiable information in the pages. A couple of other hospitals have fixed their systems too, after I started contacting them via Twitter.

Early on in this process, I contacted my local newspaper. They reached out to the hospital in question, and were met with a "very hostile" response. They immediately deflected from any HIPAA violations and explained that I (the source) am in violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986.

This was enough to scare me off completely. I've nuked all log files from my systems and stopped collecting data. The reporters want to know how I would like to proceed. Originally, I was going to get full credit for the find in their article. But now, I at least need to be anonymous, and am thinking about asking them not to run the story at all.

Among the replies there doesn't seem to be consensus on whether simply receiving pager messages in the USA is legal or not.

In the past we've seen similar attempts to bring attention to these privacy breaches, such as an art installation in New York called Holypager, which simply continuously printed out all pager messages that were received with a HackRF for gallery patrons to read.

HolyPager Art Installation. HackRF One, Antenna and Raspberry Pi seen under the shelf.
HolyPager Art Installation. Printing pager messages continuously.

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