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Comment on SDR# TETRA Decoder Plugin Updated by Jose

I have done the same as you, still closing. Cannot find the reason.

Comment on SDR# TETRA Decoder Plugin Updated by Jose

Can anybody help me? I put the files in the SDR folder. and the magic line in pluin file.Start SDR, go to the Frequency and when i click on Demodulator, Sdrsharp stop working and close . Windows 10 PRO 64 bits.

SondeMonitor issues

I'm using SondeMonitor trial to receive data from a radiosonde. however, SondeMonitor is not calibrating with the sonde, so all I'm getting is the audio signal. Connections are checked, and all good. Any ideas as to what's causing this?

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Antennas • Re: Vexed !!

Would it be possible to add some filter

Headphone jack -----Filter to allow only audio frequencies ----- plug into amp
-----Single wire antenna to ground in head phone jack

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Comment on Browsing the UHF Satcom Band via SpyServer by JuanRo

The SSTV that was sometimes sent earlier was from the south of Spain.

Comment on Browsing the UHF Satcom Band via SpyServer by JuanRo

They are not Mexicans, they are Brazilian pirates who seize the transponders.

народ помогите распознать пожалуйста частота 158.100…

народ помогите распознать пожалуйста частота 158.100

Spyserver below 24mhz?

I have setup and configured the latest sdr# and spy server and all is working fine with the exception of turning below 24mhz which is as low as my dongle goes.

I am using the experimental hf diver based on the r820t that allows tuning down to about 3mhz. The client pc can't rune down to where I want to go even though the modded driver is installed on the server pc and runs fine in sdr#.

I know you have to modify the config file to point to the rtl dongle, but how would on do it with the experimental driver. I tried using the name of the driver dll but still no joy.

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Comment on SDRplay Spectrum Analyzer Alpha Version Released by Tomek

It doesn’t open a window, I’m getting a Windows “Prog. stopped working” warning immediately after running. Tried running as administrator and compatibility modes. Win7 PRO SP1 64bit, i7.

Other SDR Devices • Re: rsp2pro

Thanks for info

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