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Господа, публикую схему первого экспериментального SDR на ПЛИС Artix-7. он работает….

Господа, публикую схему первого экспериментального SDR на ПЛИС Artix-7. он работает.

Is Meteor M2 alive?

I'm not sure if my setup went bad. I don't even see any single signal at all.

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Antennas • Satellite dish as a directional antenna?

I’ve got a somewhat large satellite dish on my roof that I don’t use for TV anymore. I was wondering if I could replace the small satellite receiver with my own anttenna (like a simple dipole) and use it as a directional antenna.

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Software Defined Radio | meteo

Крохотный спутник снял Землю с расстояния 1 миллиона километров

SDRplay’s new RSPduo with dual tuners and a 14 bit ADC

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sasha68735 к «Менеджер частот из комплекта SDRSharp со сканером.»

скажите пожалуйста можно установить одновременно hdsdr и sdrsharp спасибо зарание

I’ve received image from NOAA. So excited because it’s one of my first tries.

I've received image from NOAA. So excited because it's one of my first tries. submitted by /u/tomekb1999
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Signal Identification Help • Where is CW Signal Coming From?

I received these this signal when iss over my area
these signal come from ISS?? Or wrong ????
n did u know about the real frequency?
watch my vdo captured on 20:22 (GMT +0700 Thailand time)

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Troubleshooting Help • Dropped samples


System :

AMD Phenom x4 Black edition 9850, 24Gig ram, auto speed up to 4.1GHz. Windows 10 professional latest creator update.

I have 4 v3 rtl-sdr dongles which I have connected individually to USB2 and USB3 ports, USB2 and USB3 via a hub both single and all 4.

I have successfully installed the drivers, renamed the dongle serial numbers and they are recognised by software.

However I can't run a sample rate on any of them in any of the above combinations above 1.0Mbs without getting a massive continuous packet loss shown by rtl_test -s 1000000 -d serial number.

I have googled extensively and have found no clear answer to this problem. Surely a 8 thread processor running over 2GHz should be able to run one dongle at 2.4Mbs??

Any suggestions please - ?


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RTL-SDR Discussion • Damn, this ADSB preamp

Why is this so good?
And why does it feel even better when one looks at the Uputronics preamp prices?

Test location, 40 feet of concrete 180° behind the FA antenna with the rtl-sdr v3 dongle + adsb preamp. Poor location.

You can see the antenna deaf spot between 95° and 140°.
This is off the chart performance for me.
4 contacts at 420 Kms!
I can't wait to move the setup to it's final location which has good height and no real obstructions.

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