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Just getting back into SDR. Wondering what’s new?

Hello all. I started messing with SDR 1 year ago and put it down for a bit. Well I’m back at and I’m curious if much has changed. (Not hat I did more then the basics before)

I’m just scanning local radio traffic and take my laptop mobile with me while I drive around the state for work.

The software I’m using is Unitrunker with DSD+ and a little SDR Sharp.

I also found SDR Console V3 which looks kinda cool.

So I’m curious are there other programs etc that would be good for me to look into for scanning? I eventually will start messing with Meteor images but not yet.

Thanks for any thoughts!!

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ну теперь вообще бардак, уже 3 разом…

ну теперь вообще бардак, уже 3 разом

Помогите пожалуйста! Сейчас мы с другом делаем проект-спутник(стандарт: CubeSat…

Помогите пожалуйста!
Сейчас мы с другом делаем проект-спутник(стандарт: CubeSat 3U).
И тут мы встретились с проблемой: какой передатчик ставить?
Диапазон :УКВ(175-190 МГц)
Мощность: 20 Вт
Дальность: 50км
Работа с: Arduino nano
Подскажите схему или модуль готовый для работы с ардуино!
p.s.:если есть готовый модуль, то пожалуйста скажите к нему библиотеку!
Заранее спасибо!

Off-Topic • What type of coax for antenna feed line?

I'd appreciate your advice as to which type of coax I should use for my antenna feed line (Rx only).

I have a beverage antenna and I need to run a feed line from the antenna transformer to my SDR receiver about 30 metres away. Most of the cable will be buried just below the turf, but about 5 to 7 metres of it will be above ground.
Since my antenna will be used only for HF, would I be right in thinking RF losses would be quite low over 30 metres, even with a cheap coax?
My other concern is about the feed line acting like an antenna - especially the part that is above ground. Would a cable with better shielding reduce that risk or should I just buy cheap RG58 coax and put a ferrite choke on the feed line before the receiver?

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Comment on RTL_TCP SDR: iOS Software Defined Radio App with Spectrum Display by Zox

I’m just waiting on Android or iOS forks to support Spyserver. RTL_TCP is too heavy on the bandwidth to use outside the internal network

An Enhanced Version of Freqshow for Raspberry Pi’s with Touch Screens

The Freqshow software is an RTL-SDR compatible tool for Raspberry Pi devices that can render live spectrum and waterfall displays. It is designed to run on portable touchscreens that plug into the Raspberry Pi. We've posted about freqshow a few times in the past.

Recently Dan Stixrud has created an enhanced version of Freqshow. Over on the his post on the Adafruit forums, Dan explains the improvements as follows:

The additional features are many. Additional features include: Full resolution zooming, I and Q Swap, 9 different pre FFT windowing functions to choose from. Center frequency offset or shift. PPM correction for the RTL2832. FFT averaging or FFT peaking. Easy frequency up and down from main screen. Easy Scale adjustment from main screen.

On YouTube he's also posted a video that demonstrates the software in action when running on an Adafruit 2.8" and Pi Foundation 7" TFT capacitive touch screen. Dan uses the software as a panadapter for his ham radio.


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Comment on Reprogramming Vaisala RS-41 Radiosondes to Transmit APRS, RTTY, CW in the Ham or ISM Bands by Ryan

Do they launch RS41’s in the US? I live near a launch site and see signals on 1680mhz that i can decode with sondemonitor.

Off-Topic • Re: Drawing images

Look up gr-paint https://github.com/drmpeg/gr-paint. It's been tested with the HackRF before.

Also see Spectrum Painter https://www.rtl-sdr.com/painting-on-the ... -a-hackrf/

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Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by abcd567

For Auto-Start V3 bias-t at boot

(1) With dump1090-mutability v1.15~dev on Raspbian Jessie or Stretch:

(2) With Flightradar24’s Pi24 image (Raspbian Stretch with integral dump1090-mutability v1.14)

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