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Tracking Spies in the Skies — Defcon 25 (ADS-B tracking)

Tracking Spies in the Skies - Defcon 25 (ADS-B tracking) submitted by /u/SquawkIFR
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What should I do to upgrade rtl-sdr? I used port on a OS X to install it. When I try to uninstall it, I got a message that gr-osmocom will stop working too. I want to install the one that can control the dithering.

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New CubicSDR 0.2.4

Well just wanted to give people a heads up, this app is not updated often its a wonderful app. https://github.com/cjcliffe/CubicSDR/releases

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Сейчас NOAA18 и Метеор ходят друг за другом, поэтому конфликтуют.Интересно сравнить силу сигнала😉…

Сейчас NOAA18 и Метеор ходят друг за другом, поэтому конфликтуют.
Интересно сравнить силу сигнала😉

Signal Identification Help • Re: Decoding FSK

Okay, i did some research. according to the manual for DataRadio Integra (which is the type of transceiver that is used for this), the modulation type is DRCMSK (Differential Raise-Cosine Minimum Shift Keying). now i gotta look for something that can demodulate that :shock:

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ELI5: What the damn hell is a bias tee, how does it work, how is it helpful and how do I use it?

I wrote ELI5 cause all the explanations I found online were confusing and I think I got the wrong idea. Its a thing that draws a constant DC current... to the receiving antenna?? Eh? Someone explain please.

I have an RTL-SDR.com V3 dongle. Those come with a bias tee and I wanted to know how to use it.

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Open source remote antenna switch

I created a little project to remotely control rf relay switches. It's handy for switching between multiple RTL-SDRs, multiple antennas, switching a down converter in/out, etc. The software uses MQTT to communicate over WiFi to the control board. The hardware parts can be purchased for about $10 plus the cost of relays (@$20 each on ebay). The GitHub project includes hardware schematics and a pcb layout, but the board can easily be built on a breadboard or prototype board. (https://github.com/jfath/mqttgpio)

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Comment on Creating a FSK SSDV data system for High Altitude Balloons by Andres

Hello. I want to desire a demodulation fsk. The FSK modualtion is through of the HX1-144.39 and this device only transmit 1 and 0, I could to transmitt an image (the image had converted a 1 and 0). The trouble is in the demodulatión, the bits arrive, but, in disorder. Do Can you help me? GNUradio has been using too. My e-mal is andres112910@gmail.com.

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Can’t receive anything.

Antenna, Location, Setup?

Statistics: Posted by Username — Thu May 03, 2018 6:51 pm


All of a sudden there's a plethora of weather satellite images being uploaded to Reddit. It looks like weather shitposting to me. No offense.

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