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Trouble decoding NOAA 18 images

Hi all,

Having a bit of an issue decoding NOAA 18 images here in the UK. I recorded what I thought was a decent pass in WAV file form using an RTL2832U with a T2 tuner on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Here is the file resampled to 11025 with Audacity:


I get this image passing the audio through WXtoIMG:


Am I doing something wrong? The image looks really messed up. I know the recording isn't the clearest but I was hoping I could at least make out my home country? Any ideas?


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Comment on Setting up and Testing Osmo-FL2K by Sebi

You can build the bandpass with very cheap components: Some ceramic capacitors and some coils made from enamelled copper wire. There are several calculators online where you can get the component values for the specified frequencies.
Low noise amplifiers are on sale for around 5€ on Aliexpress, just select the one that works for your purpose. Antennas can also be build with some wire, there are tons of designs you can find for different frequency ranges. You should also have some coax to connect the things together.

Other SDR Devices • Re: Airspy HF+ on a Raspberry Pi?

My iOS rtl_tcp SDR app is for now available for purchase from Apple's iOS App store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rtl-tcp ... ?ls=1&mt=8

It supports the HF+ from a Raspberry Pi to an iOS device (but only if you are willing to compile beta-test-level open source code: https://gist.github.com/hotpaw2/8c720c3 ... c505eb61d5 )

For another new iOS SDR app with a different user interface, also see: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2275

Statistics: Posted by hotpaw2 — Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:45 pm

User Projects • SDR Receiver — New iOS App for RTL-SDR and Airspy HF+

SDR Receiver, a new iOS app for RTL-SDR and Airspy HF+, is now available on the App Store. The app works with an RTL-SDR or Airspy HF+ that is attached to a host Mac, PC or Raspberry Pi running the rtl_tcp server or equivalent. The iOS device, which may be an iPhone or an iPad, communicates over the network with the host computer which may be anywhere on the network that is reachable by TCP/IP and that can sustain the required bandwidth.

SDR Receiver demodulates AM, narrowband FM and wideband FM signals. Key features include:

• Easily entered and managed lists of stations to simplify station selection.

• Adjustable squelch that works for both AM and FM signals.

• Adjustable LNA gain for RTL-SDR.

• Adjustable audio high pass and low pass filters.

• Signal strength indicator that shows power level in the signal passband.

• Multiple sampling rates down to 240Ksps for RTL-SDR.

• Sampling rate of 768Ksps for Airspy HF+.

Streaming from an RTL-SDR requires installation of the librtlsdr package including the rtl_tcp utility on the host computer. Streaming from an Airspy HF+ requires installation of server software on the host computer that supports the Airspy HF+ and that streams data according to the protocol used by the rtl_tcp utility. One such server has been made available by Ron Nicholson in source code form on GitHub.

Requires an RTL-SDR or Airspy HF+, a host computer and server software which are not provided with the application.

SDR Receiver is shown below.


Statistics: Posted by SDR-Receiver — Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:46 pm

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Multiple FM station recording RTL-SDR Dongles + Raspberry pi


What we need is to record a dozen of FM stations and scale it up in the future. We will use 5 or 6 pi's as a cluster.

Aptoide vShare

Statistics: Posted by 6Alli — Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:04 pm

Signal Identification Help • Re: SIGFOX


I already did but I have no idea from where SIGFOX signals with my RTLSDR came from.

Appvn Jio4GVoice 3DS Emulator

Statistics: Posted by 6Alli — Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:50 pm

Comment on Tutorial: Replay Attacks with an RTL-SDR, Raspberry Pi and RPiTX by Dave


Вышла нова прога для RTL свистка на андроид. же доступно удаленное…

Приложения в Google Play – QuestaSDR
Вышла нова прога для RTL свистка на андроид.
Так же доступно удаленное подключение для AirSpy, SDRPlay, RTLSDR. Оказалось очень удобным - лежишь такой на диване без всяких шнурочков и "серфишь" по частотам :)

Comment on Setting up and Testing Osmo-FL2K by Onkel

Is there any budget solution for that?

Доброго времени. Нашел несколько вот таких вещей. Не могу найти для чего они. Возможно ли их применить для нашего донгла?…

Доброго времени. Нашел несколько вот таких вещей. Не могу найти для чего они. Возможно ли их применить для нашего донгла?
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