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Comment on Nexmon SDR: Using the WiFi Chip on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ as a TX Capable SDR by Languagemaniac_

I always wanted a raspberry pi but I never bought one but now I’m more into the sdr world and I wanted it more and more and I just read this and I thought “why not?”, I just bought it c’: It’s going to be fun ! I always thought some kind of wifi adapter would be “hacked” to make it an sdr in 2.4ghz band so I’m a little bit excited about this and what it could become. Plus I can use it for other rtl-sdr related stuff and I’m sure it’s a great buy. Thanks for posting this!

What kind of material should i use to build a discone antenna?

Hi guys! I want to build my own discone antenna. There are some tips and tutorials in the internet, but i don't know what kind of material should i use? Copper, steel or maybe something other? What do you recommend?

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: starter guides/primers?

Amateur radio is a great hobby and aids in understanding things like SDR. SDR radio beginners and ham radio beginners have a lot of problems in common and lots of hams use SDRs for their radio receivers. So allow me to recommend some of the material available through the ARRL, an organization dedicated to amateur radio(not to be confused with CB radio). Take a look at the books they offer.


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Метеор сейчас кто нибудь принял? У меня вот….

Метеор сейчас кто нибудь принял? У меня вот.

Кто может объснить причину возникновения помех и провалов?…

Кто может объснить причину возникновения помех и провалов?

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Will the RTL-SDR work for digital frequencies?

Jarwolf is an amateur radio operator as am I. The answer to the original question is, yes, and I am doing it. What I have is a $21 RTL-SDR V3 and a $49 SpyVerter up-converter which I run with SDR# (SDR sharp) free software. That covers AM, FM, and SSB. For the digital modes, I pipe the audio output from SDR# to FLDigi (also free) and FLDigi decodes most of the digital modes available to amateur radio operators, e.g. PSK, Olivia, TTY, etc. The exceptions are the JTnn and FT8 modes which I don't use.

https://www.rtl-sdr.com/ and http://www.w1hkj.com/ for FLDigi.

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NOAA 15. Пролёт над Россией. 14.04.2018 (18:01). Всё еще глючит видимый канал…

NOAA 15. Пролёт над Россией. 14.04.2018 (18:01). Всё еще глючит видимый канал

Comment on Using the SDRuno EXTIO Edition with an RTL-SDR and other SDRs by Byron Collie

To use a RTL-SDR dongle, you must put the ExtIO_RTL2832.dll file in your My Documents directory. I messed around putting the file in the same folders as SDRPlay, SDRUno etc but it will only work in your Documents folder.

Other SDR Devices • Re: Airspy HF+

Hi Hotpaw2 .
I am running windows 10 so macOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi doesn't do me any good I am also software changed . From what I see , if you over drive the front end you miss the weak signals , the noise floor hides them . Now you would think that airspy the people who come up with the HF+would have provided the software to run it the right way . All airspy did was say here it is , we will give you software that turns it on , after that we don't care . Well whats with that nonsense . Now you say how grate it is , well how does anybody know with out any control over it . My two Penney's worth .

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Direct Sampling

Hello, I am new to sdr, old and a bit slow so please be patient with me. I would like to verify that if I purchase the RTL-SDR V3 dongle I will not need to purchase an up-verter for direct sampling or modify the dongle to listen or scan MW and SW. The order page on the website leads me to believe that, but the RTLSDR book I purchased makes no mention of V3, only that if I want to scan MW or SW I need to modify the dongle to direct sample. Thanks in advance for your replies! Joe

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