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Comment on Automatically Receiving, Decoding and Tweeting NOAA Weather Satellite Images with a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR by John

I followed the instructions on the instructables webpage but rtl_test is failing and thus also my captures.
I receive the error
cb transfer status: 1, canceling…
Library error -5, exiting…

Have no clue what to do next other than google around

Other SDR Devices • Re: Airspy HF+

I don't have the HF+, but could it be firmware incompatibility with the extio file version?

I know the HF+ makers updates the HF+ firmware very often, so perhaps the extio matches an older firmware and this causes some trouble?

I have been on the fence about getting the HF+ myself, so I don't talk from experience here, but thought I would just mention it anyway in case it might be helpful somehow :)

Good luck!

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Off-Topic • Re: Are websdrs, spyservers etc… legal?

James_from_France wrote:
Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:02 am
knowing that the radiocommunication was not intended for that person

(. . .)

Does that mean that you're not allowed to retransmit the communications that you receive?
Say 2 employees at your local supermarket talks to each other on some radio-channel they have licensed... this is not meant for the public... don't re-transmit or talk about their conversation.

ADS-B is meant for all... safe to re-transmit and talk about.
(Aviation is no different than street-traffic, except it's taking place in the sky)

Say 2 truckers talk on the CB... it's open public radio... safe to re-transmit and talk about.

Your local FM-station playing the latest hit by Breanna Yde... safe to talk about, but not to re-transmit (Not because it's 1-1, but because of copyright-laws)

A HAM-operator sending a poem over RTTY on the 80meter band... open public radio... safe to re-transmit and talk about.

I don't know if New Zealand is particularly strict or anti free-speech protection, but as a western nation they should be driven by common sense (Doesn't mean they are of course, but they should be)

Basically radio-broadcasts are not secret and the authorities know this (That's why they use encryption on sensitive material).
The law is really only an attempt to scare you (And probably pre-dates modern internet information-sharing, and encryption, times anyway). And to give the authorities an option to go after you legally if you become too big a problem for them.
But in short I would say that you should only avoid re-transmitting things that are similar in nature to phone-conversations or of a personal nature (Use common sense)
If you catch a broadcast from your local super-market, where 2 employees talk about selling moldy bread, by all means publish it but just black out the names of the 2 :) (Public interest weighs pretty heavy)

If ADS-B was illegal to re-transmit, you wouldn't be able to receive it :)

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Please could you help me with this, strange signals I don’t understand..

Hi all,

I've just setup my rlt-sdr, and this strange signal keeps sweeping across my waterfall diagram every few minutes. I'm trying to capture WX images, and it's a bit weird.

Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong / what I could do to resolve this?

I'm using one of these with a homemade v dipole:

My setup

These are the weird lines in the middle that I'd like to try to remove

Any help would be great :)

Thanks in advance


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Comment on Spektrum: New RTL-SDR Spectrum Analyzer Software by Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Honest

The project is opensource, so you could write a patch to fix exactly what you see as being wrong. Instead of just complaining.

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: How to config SDR# and HackRF?

Does the Bias T work?

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SSTV image from the ISS on 2018-04-12

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ISS SSTV 4-12-2018

ISS SSTV 4-12-2018 submitted by /u/Tech2025_
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Antennas • Re: Any cheap L-band feedhorn?

Sure the can some build in thats not the problem.
Do you know an Cheap System for an SDR?

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Comment on Uniden Announce the SDS100: A Software Defined Handheld Scanner by I Hear Ya

Laughing at those that cried wolf when this was shown on UR’s web site and then pulled. First NXDN and DMR fixes available for BCDx36HP series and now this. Drop more nails in whistler’s crappy coffin.

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