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Подскажите что за антенна,центр Москвы,проезжал и увидел….

Подскажите что за антенна,центр Москвы,проезжал и увидел.

Other SDR Devices • Airspy HF+

I have a interesting question about the airspy HF+ can a person run HDSDR on it . If so how do you go about it .

Statistics: Posted by P-40 Warhawk — Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:20 pm

Software Defined Radio | meteo

Comment on Decoding and Listening to HD Radio (NRSC-5) with an RTL-SDR by Steve Packard

Very very cool! I am actually surprised this is even possible.

The only unfortunate thing is that it is command line, so you can’t just surf around the dial for your favorite HD stations, but hopefully someone will take this code and turn it into something that will let that happen!

Software Defined Radio | meteo

My first SSTV image from the ISS!

My first SSTV image from the ISS! submitted by /u/grenvaltruvaki
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Help figuring out connector

Hey guys!

Working on a project here and I'm trying to figure out what kind of connector is on this USB receiver. I thought it was a pigtail but I was wrong it seems. At a bit of a loss here. Forgive me Im also a noob attempting a more complex project.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Bonus points for finding whatever that connector is to SMA Male or female.

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Comment on New SDR# Plugin: PAL / SECAM TV by Steve Packard

I’m surprised this only works with PAL/SECAM and not NTSC. They’re very similar except for the color encoding.

IS there any place to buy a decent 137 mhz NOAA antenna for not too much money?

I'd really like to get into satellite reception and my discone just does not cut it. I need a helix or a turnstile antenna. And, yes, I know, they are easy to build. Well... normally they are. Except I have a shattered shoulder and am looking at a few months of physical therapy and recovery on that one, so building something is just not in the cards right now. Does anyone know if they can be purchased for a reasonable price? (Like less than 150 to 200 dollars)

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GOES-16 visible channel

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