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RTL-SDR Discussion • Meteor detection frequencies in europe.

Hi i want to ask on which frequency i must tune in Europe when i want to detect meteor i know it is stupid question but i searched on internet and i cant find only one transmitter which is good. Please i need help i live in central europe so if somebody have an idea on which frequency i must tune in please submit your ideas here.

Sorry for my bad english.

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Antenna Question I have used a discone antenna with great success with my SDR. Got a question from…

Antenna Question I have used a discone antenna with great success with my SDR. Got a question from an old friend that lives in a very rural area and was looking for my advise for an antenna for his new Airspy - my inclination was to direct him to a discone - but thought I might ask for some input. From what I can gather - his primary interest is local, but knowing him well - he would like to listen to everything he can. Comments, suggestions ?

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Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: Listening to TETRA Radio Channels by Roberto

I installed and all went fine but the running!
When I arrive to the Tetra live receiver, it came grey and does not respond anymore to any click.
In the same time I get “PLL not locked”.
Where I can look to fix it? Obviously using GQRX the dongle work…
Thank you

Comment on SDR# TETRA Plugin Updated: No longer requires MSYS2 by Jsh

The plugin does not work with limeSDR. Anyone try it?

Photos from Nicolas Theveneau’s post

hello!! today i'm Happy , look what i caught.

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What to buy for transmitting radio for little money?

I want to be able to transmit data but am not willing to spend that much for a HackRF or anything. Is there any cheaper option?

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Modulated cubesat signal wanted;)

Hey again, we have been trying to track cubesat signals with help of yagi antenna and rtl-sdr. We have been bearing the antenna manually. Anyway we have not heard of any satellites. We tried witn a frequence around 437 Mhz. But we still want to demodulate cubesat signals in GNUradio. So I wondering if anyone could send me an modulated signal from a cubeast. THank you;)

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Satellite Tracking

Thnak you, we decided to go with the RTL-sdr.

Statistics: Posted by billybob — Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:44 pm

DSDPlus users: Cannot open the archive.

I've changed it to .zip, .7z and tried to open with 7zip, 9zip and some other archive app. No luck. It says the file is corrupt. Any ideas?

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Help with Cubicsdr please

Using rtl-sdr dongle windows 7 64bit with 64bit version of Cubicsdr v 0.2.0 installed without issue. Successful install and use of both HDSDR and SDR#. Upon application launch Cubicsdr does not find my dongle nor audio devices. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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