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Comment on Wintelive: Tutorial and Updates to the Windows Telive TETRA Decoder Implementation by Daniel

He does not receive anything from me in Wintelive.
It all goes like in the video.
Do I have to adjust anything in Germany?

Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: Cheap ADS-B Aircraft RADAR by Anonymous

https://flightaware.com/ track any plane in real time all you need is the N number.

Что вообще можно на этот SDR поймать кроме FM ???Пролистал весь диапазон и нашел…

Что вообще можно на этот SDR поймать кроме FM ???
Пролистал весь диапазон и нашел только какие-то непонятные сигналы.Для антенны использую рога от телика старого.

Comment on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Released: Faster CPU, Faster Networking and Power over Ethernet by unixpunk

Anyone get one of these yet? I can’t get any power adapter that works on a normal pi3 to work on the new one…none have the needed wattage it seems. Maybe the only option is to use the PoE hat that isn’t released yet…?

Does anyone use audacity? I’m trying to record the audio that DSD generates but audacity will only record the raw audio from sdrsharp and not DSD. I have tried all audio inputs in audacity but none will record DSD. Any ideas?

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Комментарий к записи Установка HDSDR (admin)

Естественно, это инструкция по первому запуску и настройке основных параметров. С удаленным управлением и профилями я подробно не разбирался, но кто мешает Вам разобраться и поделиться информацией здесь в комментариях? Комментарии по сути продолжение статьи, дополняйте всем что считаете нужным и интересным для других.

Комментарий к записи Установка HDSDR (Валерий)

Как всегда, описано то, что и так понятно. А как подключить дистанционное управление приемником? Например, используя ноутбук. С профилем также ничего не понятно. Папок можно создать хоть тысячу. Но как увязать их с настройками-вопрос.

Comment on New Product: RTL-SDR Blog 1090 MHz ADS-B LNA by admin

It’s only for 1090 MHz ADS-B. All the filtering inside is designed for that. You could desolder the two SAWs and the front end HPF, but i’m not sure what the performance would be like.

Video Tutorial on Decoding FT-8 and RTTY with an SDRplay RSP1A

Over on YouTube radio content creator Techminds has recently started a series that shows how to decode various signals using an SDR such as the SDRplay RSP1A. The first video explains what FT-8 is and shows how to decode it using the WSJT-X software. FT-8 is a modern digital HF ham mode that is designed to be receivable even in weak signal reception. However, the amount of information sent in a FT-8 message is small, so it is not possible to have a full conversation, and you can only make contacts.

In his second video Tech Minds explains RTTY and also shows how to decode it. RTTY is another much older mode that is used by the military as well as hams. To decode it he uses Digital Master 780 which is a program included in the Ham Radio Deluxe software.

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: RTL-SDR v3 — HF amplifier chip failed.

The sticker is 08/2016.
I have used many antennas like 5/8 for VHF/UHF , UHF yagis, and for HF two dipoles at 7 MHz.

BTW i just received another one new v3 to have just in case.

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